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Working With Folders

Users can create individual folders to store different categories of e-mail. Government and many businesses require that all e-mail correspondence be appropriately filed into folders and archived. Electronic records are the "memory" of the organization and must be properly maintained. 

NetMail users do not have the option of archiving the contents of their e-mail accounts. Once the user reaches 90% usage of the 50MB mailbox storage capacity s/he will receive an auto-generated message indicating that available space is becoming low. Unneeded e-mail and attachments should be deleted. Should the mailbox become completely full, messages will be received but the user will be unable to send items until some material has been deleted from their mailbox. 

Select the button

Add a new folder named "Friends"

Repeat the above procedures to create folders for "Relatives"; "Teachers"; "Sports"

To delete a folder, select  .

You will be provided with the following dialogue

Select "Relatives" and click ok and the folder will be deleted.  

As you may be receiving e-mail messages from teachers this semester you can create separate folders for each as you need them.  You may want to make them subfolders of the Teacher folder.

To create a subfolder of a the Teachers folder, click Add Folder, then type in Teacher/Mrs. MacIsaac (whatever you would like the subfolder to be called.

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