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Sending a message

Never send anything electronically that you wouldn't say aloud in a crowded room. You might select the wrong person from your address book, reply to everyone who had received a message by mistake, or the person receiving the message may forward it to others.

Select the "compose message" button from the side toolbar

Note that a "Mail Message" loads by default. Click in the TO: field and click "Address Book" to the right

Enter the last name of the person sitting next to you on the left (or at the far end of your row/or directed by your teacher) and select "Search Address Book". Once results are returned in the address book click in the check box in front of the name of the person you searched for and select the TO: button above the list of names.

The same procedure may be used to send the same e-mail to several people. Enter the last name of the person sitting next to you on the right (or at the far end of the row/or directed by your teacher) and search for this person. Click CC. (carbon copy) for this person. S/He will receive the same message as the first person and that person will see that a copy was sent to the second person (on your right). **Further Info: Bcc: is Blind Copy whereby a second person receives a copy of the e-mail but the first person to whom the e-mail was addressed does not see that it was sent to another.

Select "Compose" from the menu at the right. You will be returned to the "compose message" screen.

Enter a subject line and type a message.

Select "Send Options" on the menu at the right. (These options will only work if both parties are using NetMail. Most often these are not used when sending e-mail)

Priority will change the message icon in the recipient's mailbox to red if assigned a high priority, white if standard (default), and gray if assigned a low priority.

Return Notification will automatically inform the sender of certain actions of the e-mail (ie. if delivery fails or if it is successful.)

Click the "Send" button to send your message. 



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