Grade 3 Agriculture Scavenger Hunt

Go to each of the following websites, individually or in groups (perhaps four groups with four questions each), to find out the answers to these questions. Put your answers on the answer sheet provided. Then try to solve the mystery phrase using the letters in boxes on the answer sheet.

1. Cows eat up to _________ times a day!

[Hint: Virtual Tour - The Story of Milk]

2.A tomato is an _________ plant because is completes its life cycle in one growing season.
[Hint: Great Plant Escape/case 1/ facts/life cycle]

3. How many farms on PEI?

[2001 statistics]

4. The Legend of the Three Sisters tells about the three plants that Aboriginals planted together. They taught this skill to the pioneers. What are the three plants?

5. What makes our PEI soil red?

6. What country does not use cows for meat because it is against their religion?

[Hint: Mouse over on the cow, then go to Basic Beliefs and find out what country Hinduism started in.]

7. How much of the world is soil?

8. To keep their soil in the best shape possible, one of the things farmers do is __________.

9. What country uses only 100 % pure beef toppings, with no pork toppings on their pizza?]

10. What vegetable is mentioned in the song ‘Prince Edward Island is Heaven to Me?’

11. What plants are used to make toothpaste?

[Hint: check out ‘Around Town’ section and click on the picture of the ‘Dentist’s office’]

12. "Soil is like a thin, living ___________ that covers the land.”

13. Which type of hay do animals prefer or like best- dried alfalfa or dried grass?

[Hint: Check out the ‘Hay’ section.]

14. Over one hundred years ago, what was the most important sea product that PEI farmers used as fertilizer on their fields?

15. What kind of fox was first farmed on PEI in 1872

Compiled by: Elizabeth Tumblin "Special thanks to the students of Grade 3 Ruth Nogler/Glen Gallant at West Royalty Elementary School for helping to fine tune this page".