The files and links provided are support materials for the Communication and Information Technology Science integration curriculum guide (2006).  Files with the .zip extension must be opened with a utility such as WinZip, PKunzip or WinRAR.
Lesson Plan: Examples and Resources:
Measuring Motion With Movie Maker

Experiment Video (wmv format)

Motion Data spreadsheet (Quattro Pro)

Animating Scientfic Concepts

Bonding Animation (wmv format)

Stop Motion Animator Software

Do You Have An Issue With That?

Save The Rainforest Video (wmv med. res.)

Save The Rainforest Video (wmv low res.)

World Weather Pattern Prediction

Elnino Chart National Weather Service USA

Elnino Chart (pdf - use if NWS link above fails)

Data Spreadsheet (Quattro Pro)

Supermarket CSI (Chemical Substance Investigation) Example Flash Slideshow
The Science Blog

www.mediamax.com File Hosting Site

Chemistry Thermo Project ATutor Class Backup File (Save file to your computer; create new ATutor workspace by selecting "Create Course" from "My Start Page".  Select "Manage" - "Backups" - "Upload" - "Browse" to the file on your computer.  Materials from this file will automatically be inserted into the new workspace)

Music To My Ears (And Eyes) Audacity Project File and Data (zip format)
Using GIS To Compare Canadian Biomes

ArcExplorer AXL Files (zip format)

Solution - Biome Map (.pdf)

Equilibrium Laboratory Spreadsheet Solution (Quattro Pro)
Colorimetry Laboratory Spreadsheet Solution (Quattro Pro)
Preparing For Debate Using Discussion Forum ATutor Learning Content Management System
25 Questions Game Review Game Template (Corel Presentations)