Computers For Schools (CFS) Information

CFS provides refurbished government hardware to schools.  If you have hardware in your school that is not meeting the needs of your school, a request can be made through CFS for replacement hardware or additional hardware.  If you are requesting additional hardware, you must have the electrical and network drops in place in order to receive this hardware.

To make a request to CFS, please fill out the PEI Computers For Schools Application Form. This form needs to be completed at the school and signed by you as the requesting person, your principal and your technician.  It can then be faxed to the service centre.  A flow chart outlining the entire process from the submission of your request, to its fulfillment can be seen by clicking here.  Requests can be made at any time during the school year.  Receiving the hardware is dependent on the inventory that is available. If inventory is not available, your request will be in the queue for when computers do become available.

Troy Glydon is the Computers For School Workshop Manager and he can be reached at 368-4003 or by email at twglydon@gov.pe.ca