The Department of Education and Early Childhood Education's Internet filtering software is NetSweeper.

Process for requesting that a web site be "unblocked"

To request access to a web site that is being blocked by Netsweeper: 

The site will then be evaluated based on:
  • it's relevance to the curriculum,
  • the presence of open communication tools (i.e. blogs, chat, etc.) that would allow the general public to contact and communicate directly with students, and
  • the ease with which inappropriate material can be accessed from the page.

If the request to access the site is initially denied, access can still be granted if the Principal of the school requests access to the site in writing.

General information on NetSweeper
Alphabetical listing of NetSweeper's Filter Categories (PDF) and a brief explanation of what is contained in each category
Add Web Sites to Your School's Black List