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Usernet Tasks Using School Networks Miscellaneous
Changing a User Password School Network Drives: G:, M:, S:, and T: Using the Service Centre
Changing a User's Space Allocation Full Control Security Software

Optimizing Image Size for Faster Webpages

Creating a New User: Student and Teacher Accounts Maintain Your Files NetSweeper
Group Administration (creating groups, adding members to groups, giving access to software through the groups) RIMS Computers For Schools Information
Special Groups Clean Connections Information on Projector Repairs and Replacement Bulbs
Teacher Access to Student Files on the Network Teacher and Student File Server Space Utility Groupwise
Imanager Search for User Files Utilty Sr. High Laptop Project
  Installing Software  
  List of Icons on the School Network -
This pdf provides a description of all of the icons that students and teachers have access to within the Usernet groups.