Tidal Power

Tidal Power

Electricity Made by the Size and Force Tides

Tidal power is where the tides cause a turbine to turn, making electricity.

Step 1: First a place must be chosen for the plant to be built

Step 2: Then it must be tested to make sure the waves are big enough to produce enough electricity to make up for the price
Step 3: After this they must build the power plant
Step 4: Then they have to test it to make sure it works
Step 5: The tidal power plant should do the following: The waves should go into the plant. The pressure of the waves should turn the turbines making electricity

Advantages of Tidal Power

Disadvantages of Tidal Power

  • 1st advantage: The tides are a natural source
    • 1st disadvantage: Very expensive to build
  • 2nd advantage: It gives electricity
  • 2nd disadvantage: Works best with high tides which can't be promised
  • 3rd advantage: They can be built to store electricity
  • 3rd disadvantage: There are very few Tidal Power plants in the world
  • 4th advantage: It is an advantage to the places which have them because few places have these plants.
  • 4th disadvantage: They must be located far off the shore
  • A Tidal Power Plant is an electrical plant which is located in the water. This is so that it will catch the larger waves. When it catches larger waves the pressure turns the turbines faster making more electricity which makes it worth it's cost. There are very few of these plants in the world. There are two tidal plants working near Normandy, France at the mouth of the Rance River which is 1,000 KW, also at Kislaya Guba, on the white sea north of Murmansk, USSR. There is another power plant being constructed at Mezen, which is also located in the USSR. This plant is going to cover 1,500 km. The reason there are few of these plants is because of there expense and they must be in deep water with enough strength to hold up to the strong winds.


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