There are lots of different types of genres. Genre is a fancy word meaning types of music, books, ect. In this case we are talking about novel genres.
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The types of genres we went over in class were: mystery, fantasy/sci fi, romance, adventure/action, suspense, drama.
Here's some information about each genre.

Mystery-who done it, describes clues, introduce suspicious characters, normal setting, each chapter ends with suspense, end of book mystery solved, detective in most.

Fantasy/Sci fi-fictional characters, different world, advanced technology, magic, strange animals, hero, destiny, danger.

Romance-love, always a happy ending, usually a short book and easy to read, obstacles get in the way of the guy and girl getting together.

Adventure/action-usually involves travel, realistic settings, usually meet characters on journey, quest, plenty of physical action, things seem to go wrong and main character solves the problem, heroic main character, fast paced, and sometimes violent.

Suspense-leaves you wanting more, gives you clues or pieces of information to increase interest, twist in ending, realistic, every day characters, usually fast paced, everyday setting realistic.

Drama-characters are detailed and develop throughout the novel, major change in characters emotionally and physcallically, plot is slow, develop by character actions and emotions, usually has a happy ending, you can relate to characters, strong emotion.