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Welcome to our TEEN HEALTH WEB SITE! We are grade ten students in the Family Living 425 course at Kensington Intermediate Senior High School and we learned cool stuff that we think all teens should know. We decided to make a website because we think that some people might be more comfortable exploring these topics online. All the things you need to know about teen health! Tons of information available with just a click!

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Our Research

We made a quiz for other teens so that we would know what to include on our site. See the quiz taken by more than 200 PEI teens. We entered the data into a spreadsheet and made some charts to show our results. 

When we designed the quiz, we thought the results would indicate teens know more about pregnancy prevention than about STDs.  We expected teens would know a little about other STDs in addition to AIDs which tends to have a high profile in the media. 

When we analyzed the data, here's what we found:

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