Los Angeles, California 1994

Reporter: I am with a earthquake survivor of the Los Angeles, California 1994. Her name is Shannon Baker. Shannon how did you feel when this earthquake happened?

Shannon: I felt confused at first because I didnít know what was happening. Then I saw people running, screaming and crying. I just stayed cool and calm. I tried to stay in one spot but the earth shook so much that I fell and scraped both of my knees.

Reporter: Do you know what the magnitude was of this earthquake?

Shannon: Yes I do.  It was 6.7.

Reporter: Do you know the total number of earthquakes in the year 1994?

Shannon: Yes I do.  It is 19371.

Reporter: Do you know how many people died in this earthquake?

Shannon: Yes I do.  There were 1038 deaths.

Reporter: Thank you Shannon for coming to talk to us. This is Martin Walus signing off, bye for now. Good day and good night.

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By:  Stephanie G. and Vanessa


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