Hydro Power!


Hydro power is the use of flowing water to distributes electrical energy. An example of this is a dam.

The Production of Power from Hydro Energy

Step One: Water gathers in a reservoir.
Step Two: Water flows through dam.
Step Three: The water then flows through a turbine.
Step Four: Then the water gives the turbine the ability to turn the generator, the generator then distributes electrical energy.
Step Five: End result/diagram of how a dam works.

Advantages of Hydro Power.

Disadvantages of Hydro Power.

  • Doesn't cost much money.
  • Dams can cause flooding.
  • Lasts a while.
  • Things that live in the water near the dam, might be disturbed.
  • Running water does most the job.
  • Long construction period

  • Places found in Canada.
    -Niagara River
    -Sir Adam Beck
    -Horseshoe Falls
    -Niagara Generating Station number one and two.