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April 01, 2004





An organization of phys. ed. teachers, the PEIPEA works to increase awareness of the importance of physical activity in the lives of Island students.  


We believe that by introducing students to a variety of skills and activities, they will be motivated and determined to continue with lifelong participation in sport and recreation.


During our last Professional Development day, several members of the PEA decided we needed a forum to display both what the organization was about and to assist P.E. teachers in providing the best program possible.


Initially, our web site committee used Inspiration to brainstorm and categorize (check out our Brainstorming page!) our thoughts and ideas.  We also utilized many search engines on the Internet to find our great graphics.


A call was made for all Island P.E. teachers to contribute their favorite activities and organizational tips to add to the site.  Responses were emailed to the committee and added to the site.


Students from our school prepared slide shows outlining the various aspects of sport and recreation and nutrition.  They used Inspiration and Apple Works for these contributions.


Students and teachers alike used the digital camera for the candid shots you'll find throughout the site.  Find out what our PD day looked like on the gallery page!  


This site is designed to show what the PEIPEA is doing, both in the P.E. program, and in the communities!



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