Zone Four Cross Country Individual Results - Friday, October 5, 2006

Southern Kings Consolidated
Thanks to all participants, coaches and parents. 
If anyone is missing clothing, call Ray at 962-7400

1. Melanie Taylor Souris High
2. Janelle London Montague High
3. Courtney Hughes Montague High
4. Alicia Bruce Souris High
5. Isabelle Keeler Souris High
6. Freda Fraser Souris High
7. Heather Ross Souris High
8. Brittany Garrett Morell High
9. Kristen MacKinnon Morell High

Team Members

1st - Souris High - 23 points  
1.  Melanie Taylor
2.  Alicia Bruce
3.  Isabelle Keeler
4.  Freda Fraser
5.  Heather Ross

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