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A Code of Ethics for Athletes

Morell Regional High School requires the athletes to:    

  • Conduct themselves at all times with honor and dignity.     
  • Treat visiting teams, spectators, and officials as honored guests.
  • Faithfully complete school work as practical evidence of their loyalty to school and team.
  • Show that it is a privilege to represent their schools.
  • Remember that there is no place in school athletics before, during or after competition for the use of drugs or alcohol of any kind.

The game requires the athlete to:

  • Maintain a high degree of physical fitness.
  • Be fair at all times no matter what the cost.
  • Believe in the honesty and integrity of opponents and officials.
  • Play the game for the game's sake.
  • Accept gracefully and without question the decision of the official.

Sportsmanship demands that athletes:

  • Recognize and applaud honestly and whole-heartedly the efforts of their teams or opponents regardless of color, creed or race.
  • Give opponents full credit when they win and learn to correct their own faults through failures.
  • Play hard and to the limit of their abilities regardless of discouragement. True athletes do not give up, nor do they quarrel, cheat, bet, or show off.
  • Accept both victory and defect with pride and compassion, being never boastful nor bitter.