Marlin Athletics Home



The following regulations are intended to help ensure that our athletes make satisfactory progress in the academic field and to help ensure that our teams are a credit to the institution off the playing field as well as on it.

Team lists will be made available to staff once team selections have been finalized.

1. To remain eligible for athletics, a student must maintain a reasonable academic standard in all courses and adhere to school/team rules of conduct. Students will be monitored on a regular basis by the athletic director in consultation with the staff. Failure to meet acceptable standards may result in suspension, by school administration, from athletics until student performance reaches an acceptable level.

2. To participate in a team sport, the school will charge an athletic fee for some sports. All athletic fees should be paid to the athletic director prior to the student's first game. **fee structure subject to change depending upon current costs.

3. Any major infraction in any subject may render a student ineligible to take part in the school athletic program.

4. A student-athlete who is not in school for all classes on the day of a practice or game, will not be permitted to participate in that practice or game unless prior approval has been arranged between the administration and the home.