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Queen Elizabeth Elementary School is a modern 19 classroom building located on the outside perimeter of Kensington, Prince Edward Island. This school, officially opened on Dec. 3rd, 1976, is truly a focal point of the community. Interest groups and organizations frequently use the school as a meeting place for community-based activities.

Queen Elizabeth Elementary houses Grades 1 through 6. Children entering Grade 1 usually come through one of the two Kindergartens in the area. The school itself includes a well equipped Gymnasium, Music room, French room, two Resource rooms, a Library, and a Sensory Room Haleigh's Haven. 

In school programs are very important to QEES. Clubs such as intramurals, choir and drama contribute to the everyday life of this facility. We were very proud to receive an Inclusion Award to acknowledge the special needs children in all school programs.

The school enjoys its playground, which is inspected regularly to ensure the safety of all the students. The playground equipment is up to data and was built with the help of community projects and school board assistance.

The administration of QEES is always receptive to visitors and welcomes enquiries about the facility.

2 Saunders Lane | Box 100, Kensington PE | C0B 1M0 | Phone 902-836-8900 | Fax 902-836-8905 | Email

Last Updated: April 25, 2008