About Us

Charlottetown Rural is a high school located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Known locally as "The Rural", we are home to approximately 1100 students, 70 staff, and the Rural Raiders teams. The modern design of our school with its unusual angles and curves symbolizes the waves of the sea that surround our island. 

Contact Information:

Principal:              Susan Willis

Vice-Principals:   Dominique Lecours, Dylan Mullally, Steven Wynne

Phone:     (902) 368-6905         Fax:     (902) 368-6906

100 Raiders Road, Charlottetown, PE  C1E 1K6



Home of the Raiders

Code of Conduct

I will respect myself.

 I will respect others. 

I will respect personal property and school property. 

 I will come to school prepared to learn. 

 I will act responsibly and accept consequences for my actions.


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