Egyptian Art

          Because our class has divided the Egyptian Art into four sections for the sake of our presentations, I have divided them on the website as well. As in the previous sections to access the necessary information you need to click on the image. Dividing the Egyptian Art into these different categories is not the ideal way to do it. It does not give us a sense of the evolution of Egyptian Art. The best way to do it would have been, "New Kingdom", "Middle Kingdom", "Old Kingdom" and "The Amarna Period".

          Egyptian civilization was considered to be one of the most rigid and unchanging civilization that the world has ever seen. That statement is not entirely untrue. In the first few centuries of development the Egyptians developed a belief structure that not only dictated their political system and their religious beliefs but also their views of art. After these ideas were formed the next several thousand years followed the pattern. This is not to say that they were totally inflexible. If they were their civilization could never have lasted through so many millennia.

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Painting, Papyrus and Hieroglyphs

The Amarna Period

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