Character Information
GeneGene Forrester
    The narrator of the novel. In the beginning of "A Separate Peace" Gene is revisiting his school for the first time in thirty years. He is naturally a competitive and intelligent person. He forms a love/hate relationship with Finny, his best friend. He demonstrates many times that he is insecure about his own personality, by wanting to be Finny, or part of Finny. Gene's emotions affect his ability to be a good narrator, by tinting his words with his own ideas of what had happened.
FinnyPhineas 'Finny'
    Gene's best friend. Finny is an honest, charismatic individual, who is also the best athlete in the school. He is a born leader and has the uncanny ability to talk his way out of any possible trouble. To Gene he is perfect, who never thinks of anyone as an enemy. His attitude suggests that he prefers pure achievement over competition. His fatal flaw is that he assumes that everyone is, like him a good-natured person.
LeperElwin 'Leper' Lepellier
    A classmate of Gene and Finny. Leper is a gentle boy from Vermont who is a naturalist, and enjoys peaceful, outdoor-oriented activities, such as cross-country skiing, and snail collecting. He is not a popular student at Devon but doesn't seem to pay any attention to that early on, only later it shows he is jealous of Finny as Gene's best friend. He is the first boy in Devon school to be recruited, but the army is too much for him, and he suffers a mental breakdown.
BrinkerBrinker 'Yellow Peril' Hadley
    A class politician with a desire for organization and order. Brinker is a very conservative person. He has complete confidence in his own abilities. Brinker believes in justice and order, and if he thinks something is being hidden from him, he will use all that is in his power to ind out what it is.