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All Audio/Visual equipment for the school is located in the library.  This provides a more secure place to store it and also facilitates a more efficient use of the equipment.


a weekly sign-out sheet will be available in the library

all TV/VCR units are numbered and are signed out according to that number (ENTER THE NUMBER ONLY WHEN TAKING THE EQUIPMENT)

teachers wishing to use the A/V equipment will be expected to sign out the equipment in advance of need 

teachers will be required to pick-up the equipment from the library.  Students will not be given equipment

equipment will be returned to the library immediately following use by the teacher

any problems with the equipment should be reported to the librarian

teachers who have booked equipment and will not be using that equipment, should remove their name form the sign-out sheet

teachers who have not booked equipment may go to the library and sign out any unreserved items for one class period only

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