S.R.H.S. Soccer Pool
FIFA World Cup 2002

Pick the result of every match (64 games) during the World Cup.
You get 2 points for every correct result from a pick made before May 31st.
You may make changes in your picks at any time, up to 1 day before the match.
You get only 1 point, though, for every correct result from a pick made on or after May 31st.

Entry sheets may be picked up from Mr. MacClure and returned to him (or to his school mail box) by May 31st.
You may enter on-line by contacting Mr. MacClure but it will involve sending your picks from all 64 games, listed by match number.

Check for schedules and game results at the  Official Site of the FIFA World Cup.

Check for the Soccer Pool Standings on the Souris High web page. 

There is no entry fee.
The only prizes, besides candy for the top 3, will be bragging rights for the next four years.