S.R.H.S. Hockey Pools

Spartan Hockey Pool  Winners

1st  -  Mr. MacClure        -  $11 (candy for his classes)
2nd -  Jacob Gallant         -  $7
3rd -  Mr. MacDonald     -  $4
4th  -  Adam MacDonald -  $3
5th  -  Evan Whalen         -  $1.50

Mr. MacClure's "Series Pool"  Winners

1st  -  Adam MacDonald (wins the candy!)
2nd -  Natalie Fisher
3rd -  6 people tied

1.  Click on the Spartan Hockey Pool link above
2.  This takes you to  thehockeypool.com
3.  Login with the password  (spartan)

For each playoff series
the participants attempt to pick the winner and the series result

"Spartan Hockey Pool"

Pick 2 players from each team (32 players in total)
Their goals, assists, and penalty minutes count for pool points

The entry fee is $1 if you want to enter the betting section
There is no entry fee if you are playing just for fun
(You would not be eligible for prizes, though)

Entries are to be returned to Mr. MacClure (or to his office mailbox) by Tuesday at 5:00 pm.
Late entries will be accepted but intervening games will not count in the total pool points

Check on-line on at  http://www.edu.pe.ca/sourishigh/  or  www.thehockeypool.com  for statistics and standings.

Prize amounts:        1st  -  40 % of the total entry fees
                                2nd  -  25 %
                                3rd   -  15 %
                                4th   -  10 %
                                5th   -    5 %
                                         -   5 % goes to buy candy for Mr. MacClure’s classes.