Schedule of Games and Pratices

For 2002/2003 Rugby Season

Date Home Away Results
April 28th   Souris @ Montague(AA)

A's must go and observe game. A's will be travelling on the bus with AA's

Souris won 5-0 against Montague!!!  Helena Picot got the Tri for Souris! 

April 30th   Souris @ Rural (AA and A)

Souris A's Won first game 25-0 and lost second game 10-17

AA's Won 25-5

May 5th   Souris @ Kensington (AA)

AA Women 5-3 Candice Norton gets the try


May 9th Gray @ Souris (A)  

A's Win Both Games 5-0!! The Girls are now 3-0-1

May 12th Rural @ Souris (AA and A)   AA Girls WIN! The Girls are undefeated!!!

A Girls played hard and well but lost both games by very narrow margins!

May 14th Bluefield @ Souris (AA and A   Go AA Go!! 5 in a row!!! Keep it up!

A girls won a great game against bluefield and lost their second game! good job gals!

May 16th Kensington @ Souris (AA)   Our AA's  did it again! The girls won 3-3!
May 20th   Souris @ Gray (A) A's WIN BOTH GAMES!! 25-5 AND 19-7
May 21st   Souris @ Bluefield (AA and A)  
May 26th Souris @ Montague (AA)    

Practice Days

April 28th GAME (AA) April 29th Practice 3:30 April 30th GAMES May 1st PRACTICE 3:30 May 2nd No Practice but DONT FORGET YOUR FITNESS!! May 3rd FITNESS
May 4th  REST May 5th Game May 6th   Practice 3:30 May 7th FRENCH TRIP! May 8th   Practice 3:30 May 9th Game
May 10th Fitness May 11th Home From French Trip  REST May 12th  Games May 13th Practice 3:30 May 14th Games May 15th All Awards Banquet
May 16th Game May 17th  Fitness May 18th  REST May 19th NO SCHOOL!! YAYAYAYA May 20th Game May 21st Game
May 22nd Practice 3:30 May 23rd  SLEEP May 24th Fitness May 25th REST May 26th Game May 27th  Practice 3:30
May 28th REST May 29th Quarter Final's A May 30th Semi Final (AA)





      FINAL      JUNE 5TH


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