Drills and Skills of Rugby


Here are some of the drills that our teams use.  Each team has their own drills and uses them in their own way.  There are no different drills between the "A's" and "AA" teams; just the amount of people in the drill at one time.  Each team has their own unique way of doing the drill, it is mostly up to the coach. The skills go hand and hand with the drills.  The longer you play and the more you understand the more skill you have.

Here is a great site in which it shows you many different drills for

 forwards, back, offense and defense. 


Here is a good site for the Coaches.  It has alot of good tips, drills and useful information.


Youth Rugby is a non-contact form of Rugby.  Under the age of 13 they play non-contact AKA Touch Rugby.  It has the same rules and such but there is no tackling, ruking, scrums or line-outs.  Instead of having a scrum or line-out you would punt the ball.  By doing this you would let the ball drop on the foot, let it bounce back up, catch it and then pass it.  It is a great and very fast game for all to enjoy!



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