Women's "A" team

"Peace, Love and Rugby...the rest are just details!"



    Our "A" Women's Team has been working hard to learn the Rules of Rugby.  Many of the girls have never played Rugby or seen a game.  The are very eager to learn to the game and all its ins and outs.  They practice hard and strong and with great speed, the girls should do well this season.  They have many girls with years of soccer experience therefore brings great running ablities to the team as well as strength!

    The Coaches Mr. VanH, Chrissy Robertson and Alana Mac Gregor have put alot of hard work, time and effort into learning the game and sending their knowledge to the girls.  Mr. Van H has not played rugby in a few years but is doing a great job with the girls by means of getting interactive in their practices and learning along with them.  Alana MacGregor has been coaching rugby here At SRHS since the game was brought to Souris in 2000.  She played a bit in university and with her patience  she brings a presence of calmness and relaxation to the team.  Chrissy Robertson has played rugby for SRHS in her graduating year of 2000. She then went to the University College of Cape Breton and play her first year there and in her third year played but due to lack of interest from the coach; the team had to be cancelled.  Chrissy with her knowledge will help with the backs to improve their passing skills, running skills and tackling.


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