Women's AA Team

"United We Stand, Together We're Strong!"


The year "AA" Team has many of its returning players. These girls know the game and know how to play.  The each bring Their own unique skill to the game and to the team.

"Our AA ladies after their first try!"

Coaching out talented ladies this year are Karen Power, Sue Rogers, and Paula MacDonald.  Karen Power has been coaching rugby since it has started up here at SRHS in 2000, Sue Rogers a new comer to the game has learned alot of info in a short amount of time but is doing great with the coaching.  Paula MacDonald is not  new face to the rugby seen since she has played with SRHS here graduating year and from then went on to play AUAA Rugby for Nova Scotia Agricultrual College for 2 years and has recently been recruited to play with St. Mary's University.  She brings great knowledge with her and with that new ideas to SRHS Rugby. Paula is a strong forward with great tackling and running ablities into one. She will be a great help to the forwards through Ruking, tackling and scrums.


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