Past Players and Coaches of SRHS Rugby

The game of Rugby blew into the town of Souris during the 1999/2000 School year.  The game was never seen by many students and therefore caused an overflow of people to try out for this unknown game.  Charlie Trainor who played for the UPEI Rugby Club and Dale MacLeod who played in the Super league taught Lynn MacPhee, Karen Power and Alana MacGregor in a short amount of time what rugby was, what the rules were, how to throw a ball and so on.  Charlie and Dale helped coached the ladies throughout the year.  

Over 40 girls tryout for positions on the A and AA teams.  Many dropped out along the way because of tough training, and long training hours.  Dale and Charlie worked them through hell and back, but by their first game the girls were informed, physically fit, mentally fit and ready to go.  The girls that did last were competitive, dedicated, and strong willed therefore making them mentally strong. 

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Team of 99/00

Team of 00/01

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