30th Annual S.R.H.S. All-Awards

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Welcome     Nick Mooney
         April Fisher
          Megan MacIsaac

Awards Presentations 

Student Council Presentations    Sheryl MacAulay (President), Melanie Larkin, Katie Townshend, Dylan MacKenzie, Alicia Bruce, 
                                                      Katelyn Mahar, Mary Ann Peters, Chad Mooney

Prom 2005 Presentations    Marlee Cameron, Samantha Bruce, Bethany Mooney, Cody McCormack, Natasha Wilson, June O’Hanley

Midget Girls' Soccer     Most Improved Player:     Rebecca MacPhee
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship:     Jorie Rose
Most Valuable Player:     Bailey Brothers

Midget Boys' Soccer     Most Improved Player:     Chris Briand
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship:     Chad Mooney
Most Valuable Player:     Tyler Gallant

Senior Girls' Soccer     Most Improved Player:     Ellen Flynn
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship:     Megan MacIsaac
Coaches’ Award for Dedication & Leadership:     Katelyn Mahar
Most Valuable Player:    Josie Gallant

Senior Boys' Soccer     Most Improved Player:     Conrad Cahill
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship:     Desi Peters
Coaches’ Award for Dedication & Leadership:     Nick Mooney
Most Valuable Player:     Kurt McCormack

Midget Girls' Volleyball     Most Improved Player:     Melinda Cheverie
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship:     Kim Conway
Most Valuable Player:     Emily Mahar

Senior Girls' Volleyball     Most Improved Player:     Jossie Ehler
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship :     Meaghan McQuaid
Coaches’ Award for Dedication & Leadership:     Alyssa MacDonald
Most Valuable Player:     Jennifer Mills

Yearbook Awards      Jill MacPhee, Marla Sauve’, Bailey LaBrech, Keisha Rose, Jossie Ehler, Melanie Larkin, & Editor: Katelyn Mahar

Grad Class Award     Ashley MacIntyre

Track & Field 2005     Ryan Doucette, Katie Townshend, & Kelsey O’Donnell

Golf     Kelsey Ford

Intramural Awards     Nick Mooney & Megan MacIsaac

Provincial All-Star Certificates:   
Senior A Girls' Rugby 2005 All-Star   
Melanie Taylor   
Senior AAA Girls' Rugby 2005 All-Stars   
Megan MacIsaac, Ashley MacIntyre, Lori Cheverie, & Keisha Rose   
Senior AA Girls' Soccer All-Stars   
Kelsey O’Donnell & Josie Gallant   
Senior AA Boys' Soccer All-Star    Kurt McCormack   
Senior A Girls' Volleyball All Stars    Alyssa MacDonald & Jennifer Mills
Midget A Girls' Basketball Provincial Tournament All Star    Marley MacInnis
Midget A Boys' Basketball Provincial Tournament All Star    Marcellus Campbell
Senior AAA Girls' Basketball League All Stars    Tegan Boertien & April Fisher
Senior AA Girls' Basketball Tournament All Star    Megan McQuaid
Senior AA Boys' Basketball League All Star   Logan Sauve’

Tokens of appreciation to non-staff Volunteer Coaches & Advisors 

Midget Girls’ Volleyball:
     Mary Theresa Hanlon
Senior Girls’ Volleyball:      Lori Sutherland
Senior Girls’ Softball:         Star Gillam
Senior Girls’ Volleyball & Senior Girls' Softball:        Margo Robertson
Midget Girls’ Soccer & Midget Boys' Basketball:     Rollie Gallant
Senior Girls’ Soccer:          Carol Ann MacPhee & J.J. Chaisson
Midget Girls’ Basketball:    Brian Deveau
Midget Boys’ Basketball:   John Whalen & Roddie Fisher
Senior Girls’ Basketball:     Susie Fisher & Theresa McInnis
Senior Boys’ Basketball:    Roddie Fisher, John Whalen, & Donald McCormack
Senior Girls’ Rugby:           Helena Picot, Amanda Picot, & Mary Beth MacInnis
Yearbook:                         Nadine Cheverie

Introduction of Guest Speaker:     Jill MacPhee

Guest Speaker:     Nora MacKenna & Doris Jenkins

Thank-you to Guest Speaker:     Desi Peters

Continuation of Awards Presentations

S.A.D.D.     Natasha Wilson

Rugby 2005     A Girls' Most Valuable Player:     Melanie Taylor
AA Girls' Most Valuable Player:     Megan MacIsaac

Softball 2005     Most Valuable Player:     Nathan Campbell

Badminton     Most Valuable Player:     Dylan MacKenzie

Manager of the Year     Jason Christian & Natalie Rose

Midget Boys' Basketball     Most Improved Player:     Nathan Conway
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship:     Jonathan Gallant
Most Valuable Player:     Ben MacIsaac & Marcellus Campbell

Midget Girls' Basketball     Most Improved Player:     Ellen McInnis
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship:     Laura Boertien
Most Valuable Player:     Marley MacInnis

Congratulations to the Midget Girls' team, Provincial Silver Medallists !

Senior Boys' Basketball     Most Improved Player:     Kurt McCormack
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship:     Sam MacIsaac
Coaches' Award for Dedication & Hard Work:     Devin Magennis
Most Valuable Player:     Logan Sauve’

Senior Girls' Basketball     Most Improved Player:     Tegan Boertien
Player Combining Ability & Sportsmanship:     Freda Fraser
Coaches' Award for Dedication & Leadership:     Meaghan McQuaid
Most Valuable Player:     April Fisher

Congratulations to the Senior Girls' team, Provincial AAA Bronze Medallists !

Special Presentation by April Fisher to retiring Basketball Coach     Brian Deveau

Athletic Association     Megan MacIsaac

Volunteer of the Year Award     Melanie Larkin

Teacher/Advisor Award     Allister Smith

4" Athletic Letters for graduating athletes who have participated in one major sport in an Island league for 3 or more years:

Volleyball:    Jennifer Mills, Alyssa MacDonald, Mary Theresa Hanlon
Rugby:         Keisha Rose, Bailey LaBrech, Laurel MacDonald, Kayla Cheverie, Stephanie Lutz
Soccer:        Josie Gallant, Jill MacPhee, Mary Ann Peters, Jessica Bruce, Kurt McCormack, Lukas McCormack, Steven MacDonald
Basketball:   Devin Magennis
Softball      Nathan Campbell, Clarke MacDonald

6" Athletic Letters
for graduating athletes who have participated in two major sports
in Island leagues for 3 or more years: 

Soccer & Rugby:                       Megan MacIsaac, Ashley MacIntyre, Katelyn Mahar, Sheryl MacAulay
Soccer & Basketball:                 April Fisher, Sam MacIsaac
Soccer & Softball:                 
    Desi Peters, Luke Robichaud, Anthony MacDonald, Grant MacAulay
Basketball & Softball:                Jason Christian

Male & Female Athletes of the Year

Nominations are submitted to the Athletic Department and voting takes place according to criteria which include skill level, coachability & attitude, sportsmanship, number of sports, provincial all-star awards, academics, and leadership. Final selections are made by the Athletic Dept. in consultation with the administration.

Mr. Smith will read the information describing the final nominees for Female and Male Athlete: 

April Fisher                       Max LaBrech
Freda Fraser                     Sam MacIsaac
Ashley MacIntyre            Kurt McCormack
Megan MacIsaac             Nick Mooney
Meaghan McQuaid          Desi Peters

Male & Female Athletes of 2005/06:     Kurt McCormack & April Fisher 



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