34th Annual S.R.H.S. All-Awards

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome                                 Simon Robichaud
                                      Erica Roche
Masters of Ceremony           Mallory MacInnis & Lucas Peters

Awards Presentations 

Student Council Leadership Awards   
Nathan Paton (President), Mary Irene Campbell (Vice-President), Cody Coffin (Secretary), Rebecca MacPhee (Treasurer)
Members at Large: Brandon Bailey, Kevin Cameron, Nelly Leslie, Kole MacNeill, & Hildamay Humphrey
Band Awards    
Grade 8     Most Improved:   
Calvin Mooney
                   Most Dedicated:   Cara MacKenzie
                   Spirit Awards:       Morgan Fay & Peter Aitken
Grade 9     Most Improved:    Tessa O’Donnell
                   Most Dedicated:   Kate MacDonald
                   Spirit Awards:      Victoria Elliott & Julia O’Hanley
Grade 10  
Most Improved:    Diana Patron Galindo
       Most Dedicated:    Erika MacDonald & Sarah MacPhee
                  Spirit Awards:       Jessica Chapman, Carolyn Rose, & Hanna Conway
Grade 11  
Most Improved:   Hildamay Humphrey & Nelly Leslie
Most Dedicated:   Danielle Mahar & Emily Townshend
Spirit Awards:        Brittany Peters & Logan MacMillan
Grade 12   Most Improved:   Kendra Ferron
Most Dedicated:   Emily Mahar & Kim Conway
Spirit Awards:       Taylor Mooney & Desiree Gregory

Prom 2009 
Dedication & Leadership:
   Desiree' Gregory

Midget Girls' Soccer      
Most Improved Player:
    Deanna Bruce
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Rebecca Allen
Most Valuable Player:     Katie Flynn
Congratulations to the Midget Girls' team, Provincial Gold Medallists (3 years in a row!)

Midget Boys' Soccer     
Most Improved Players:
    Mike MacGregor
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Liam Carpenter
Most Valuable Player:     Dylan Poole
Congratulations to the Midget Boys' team, Provincial Bronze Medallists

Senior Girls' Soccer     
Most Improved Player:
    Nelly Leslie
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Emily Townshend
Most Valuable Player:    Chelsea MacCormack & Rebecca Chapman

Senior Boys' Soccer     
Most Improved Player:    
Devon Boertien
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Brandon O'Keefe
Most Valuable Player:     Cody Coffin

Midget Girls' Volleyball     
Most Improved Player:
    Victoria MacDonald
Ability & Sportsmanship :     Victoria Elliott
Most Valuable Player:     Kilby Blaidell

Senior Girls' Volleyball     
Most Improved Player:
    Leah Deveau
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Emily Mahar
Most Valuable Player:     Brenda Benzies
Congratulations to the Senior Girls' team, Provincial Silver Medallists

    Jeremy Peters

Cross Country     Alex Fitzpatrick & Jodie Lambie
Track & Field 2009
Thomas Flynn & Kim Conway

Yearbook Presentations      Editors: Taylor Mooney & Kelsey Cheverie
                                              Members: Desiree Gregory, Holly MacPhee, Erika MacDonald, Kelsey Gallant, Larissa Rose, Hildamay Humphrey 

Grad Class Awards     Holly MacPhee & Calvin MacAulay

Power Lifting Awards      
Girls' Most Improved:
    Nelly Leslie
Boys' Most Improved:    Kyler Burke
Most Dedicated:     Nathan Conway
Congratulations to the Senior Boys' team on winning the 2010 Provincial Championship!

Congratulations also to the Senior Girls' team, Provincial Champions for the second year in a row!

Powerlifting Medals:
Bronze                        Cody Coffin, Dawson Burke, & Joseph Mooney 
            Jonathan Gallant - Jonathan set a provincial record in his division this year 
            Nelly Leslie                 - She is the # 5 high school women’s powerlifter on P.E.I.
Candice McIntosh     - # 4 on P.E.I.  She set 2 provincial records this year
Rebecca MacPhee     - #3 on P.E.I.  She has set 6 records in two different classes
            Kelsey Cheverie         - #2 on P.E.I.  She set 3 provincial records this year

                        Graham Leslie 
Nathan Conway        - the #2 high school men’s powerlifter on P.E.I.
He set 3 provincial records this year, all the heaviest in P.E.I. high school history, 
                                    and was the Bronze Medallist in his division at the Canadian Powerlifting Ch’ships

            Kyler Burke               - the 2010 high school men’s powerlifting champion.
He set 2 provincial records, had the 2nd highest total in high school history,
and was the Silver Medallist in his division at the  Canadian Powerlifting Ch’ships

Provincial All-Star Certificates:   
Senior A Girls' Rugby League 2009:       
Rebecca Chapman & Brittany Peters
Senior AA Girls' Rugby League 2009:       Jorie Rose, Patricia Leslie, & Marley MacInnis
Senior AA Boys' Rugby League 2009:       
Marcellus Campbell & Thomas Flynn
Senior Boys' Soccer League:  
   Lucas Peters
Midget Girls Volleyball Provincial Tournament:   
Kilby Blaisdell & Sam MacPhee
Senior Girls' Volleyball League:    
Brenda Benzies & Ashley Poole
Midget Boys' Basketball Provincial Tournament:     Matthew McIntosh
Midget Girls' Basketball Provincial Tournament:    
Julia MacAulay
Senior Boys' Basketball League:    Nathan Conway
Senior Girls' Basketball League:    Mallory MacInnis & Jane McLaughlin 
Senior Girls' Basketball Provincial Tournament All Star:    Jane McLaughlin 

Tokens of appreciation to non-staff Volunteer Coaches & Advisors 
Midget Soccer:  
Sherry Pauley
Senior Soccer:   Darren Chaisson 
Midget Volleyball:    Nicole Jennings & Courtney Mahar
Senior Volleyball:    Kent Poole & Alyssa MacDonald
Midget Basketball:    Kendyle Campbell, Mike Ford, & Shawn Laybolt
Senior Basketball:  
Peter McQuaid, Ron McIntosh, Theresa McInnis, & Natalie Garrett
Rugby:   Ashley MacIntyre, Keisha Rose, Vicky MacInnis, Freda Fraser, Melanie Taylor, Marcus Dunphy, & Logan Sauve'
SAVE:   Maxine MacLennan
Caring Hearts:   Betty MacPhee & Mary Mahar

Introduction of Guest Speaker:     Graham Leslie

Guest Speaker:     Dan MacInnis

Thank-you to Guest Speaker:     Rebecca Chapman

Continuation of Awards Presentations

SADD     Jessica Baker

SAVE     Dora Malone & Johna Spencer

Caring Hearts     Most Compassionate Heart     Mary Irene Campbell

Most Valuable Players: 
    Danielle Peters & Brandon Ching, Jane McLaughlin & Sydney Moore
Congratulations to Jane & Sydney, Provinicial Midget Doubles' Champions, and to Jane, Provincial Midget Singles' Champion!
The Midget
Girls' team are Provincial Champions 2010!

Senior A Girls' Rugby 2009     
Most Improved Player:   
Sarah MacPhee
Dedication & Leadership:     Leah Deveau
Most Valuable Player:     Brittany Peters & Rebecca Chapman

Senior AA Girls' Rugby 2009     
Most Improved Player:    Chelsea MacCormack
Dedication & Leadership:     Marley MacInnis
Most Valuable Player:     Jorie Rose & Patricia Leslie

Senior AA Boys' Rugby 2009     
Most Improved Player:    Lucas Peters
Dedication & Leadership:     Graham Leslie
Most Valuable Player:     Marcellus Campbell

Athletic Association
    Mallory MacInnis & Morgan LaVie

Midget Boys' Basketball     
Most Improved Player: 
    Mason Boertien
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Matthew McIntosh
Most Valuable Players:     Steven Mills

Midget Girls' Basketball
Most Improved Player: 
    Carly MacDonald
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Rebecca Allen
Most Valuable Player:     Julia MacAulay

Senior Boys' Basketball
Most Improved Player: 
    Graham Leslie & Brandon O'Keefe
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Drew MacInnis
Dedication & Leadership:     Jonathan Gallant
Most Valuable Player:     Nathan Conway

Senior Girls' Basketball     
Most Improved Player: 
    Madelyn Stewart
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Emily Mahar
Rookie of the Year:     Jane McLaughlin
Dedication & Leadership:     Laura Boertien
Most Valuable Player:     Mallory MacInnis
Congratulations to the Senior Girls’ team, Provincial Silver Medalists!

Volunteer of the Year
    Nathan Paton

Teacher/Advisor Award
    Sara Hennessey

Athletic Letters for graduating athletes who have participated in one major sport in an Island league for 3 or more years:
Volleyball:    Kim Conway, Ashley Poole
Soccer:        Nathan Paton, Cody Coffin, Holly MacPhee
Basketball:   Mary Irene Campbell
Rugby:         Sam Llewellyn

Athletic Letters
for graduating athletes who have participated in two major sports
in Island leagues for 3 or more years: 
Soccer & Rugby:               
Lucas Peters, Simon Robichaud, Kelly McClumpha, Chelsea Acorn, Kelsey Cheverie, Taylor Mooney
Soccer & Basketball:          Drew MacInnis
Basketball & Rugby:           Nathan Conway, Graham Leslie, Kendra Ferron

Athletic Letters for graduating athletes who have participated in three major sports in Island leagues for 3 or more years: 
Volleyball & Basketball & Rugby:      
Mallory MacInnis, Brenda Benzies, Emily Mahar

Male & Female Athletes of the Year

Nominations are submitted to the Athletic Department and voting takes place according to criteria which include skill level, coachability & attitude, sportsmanship, number of sports, provincial all-star awards, academics, and leadership. Final selections are made by the Athletic Dept. in consultation with the administration.

The final nominees for Female and Male Athlete: 
Brenda Benzies                    Cody Coffin
Rebecca Chapman               Nathan Conway
Chelsea MacCormack         Jonathan Gallant
Mallory MacInnis                Drew MacInnis
Jane McLaughlin                 Brandon O'Keefe

Female & Male Athletes of 2009/10:     Mallory MacInnis and Jonathan Gallant & Nathan Conway



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