35th Annual S.R.H.S. All-Awards

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome                                 Danielle Peters
                                      Max MacDonald & Sarah MacPhee
Masters of Ceremony           Laura Boertien & Morgan LaVie

Awards Presentations 

Student Council Leadership Awards   
Chelsea MacCormack (President), Nelly Leslie (Vice-President), Rebecca MacPhee (Treasurer), Daniel Kim (Secretary)
Members at Large:
Sarah MacPhee, Paula Campbell, Hildamay Humphrey, & Breanna Ching
Band Awards    
Grade 8     Most Improved:   
Carson Deveau
                   Most Dedicated:   Jason Rose & Maddie MacDonald
                   Spirit Award:         Grace MacDonald & Breanna Ching
Grade 9     Most Improved:    Thomas Bruce
                   Most Dedicated:   Daniel Kim
                   Spirit Award:         Cara MacKenzie
Grade 10  
Most Improved:    Nathan McCormack
       Most Dedicated:    Stephanie MacPhee
                  Spirit Award:          Victoria Elliott
Grade 11  
Most Improved:     Dylan Fay
Most Dedicated:     Rebecca Chapman
Spirit Award:          Maeghan Allen
Grade 12   Most Improved:     Danielle Peters
Most Dedicated:     Emily Townshend & Brittany Peters
Spirit Award:          Keisha Paquet

Prom 2010 Presentations    
    Brittany Peters, Carolyn Rose, Danielle Mahar, Danielle Peters, Emily, Townshend, Erika MacDonald, Eryn Gallant, Hanna Conway,       
    Hildamay Humphrey, Kaitlyn MacIntyre, Kelsey Gallant, Larissa Rose, Leah Deveau, Madelyn Deveau, Maeghan Allen, 
    Rebecca Chapman, Sarah Bruce, Sarah MacDonald

Midget Girls' Soccer      
Most Improved Player:
    Kelsey Jamieson
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Sasha Evans-Renaud
Most Valuable Player:     Alex MacDonald

Midget Boys' Soccer
Most Improved Players:
  Matthew McInnis
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Kenny MacKinnon
Most Valuable Player:     Liam Carpenter & Colby Mooney
Congratulations to the Midget Boys' team, Provincial Bronze Medallists

Senior Girls' Soccer     
Most Improved Player:
    Anna McInnis
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Emily Townshend
Most Valuable Player:      Rebecca Chapman
Congratulations to the Senior Girls' team, Provincial Gold Medallists

Senior Boys' Soccer     
Most Improved Player:    
Mason Boertien
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Harold Park 
Most Valuable Player:     Jonathan Gallant

Midget Girls' Volleyball     
Most Improved Player:
    Anna Clinton
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Remi Mill
Most Valuable Player:      Jayne Robertson
Congratulations to the Midget Girls' team, Provincial Silver Medallists

Senior Girls' Volleyball     
Most Improved Player:
    Maeghan Allen
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Danielle Mahar
Most Valuable Player:     Katie Blaisdell

    Mason Boertien
Congratulations to the Golf team, Provincial Bronze Medallists

Cross Country             Liam Carpenter & Courtney Dill
Track & Field 2010
Morgan Mooney, Alex Fitzpatrick, & Liam Carpenter

Yearbook Presentations      Editors: Erika MacDonald & Larissa Rose
                                              Members: Kelsey Gallant, Madelyn Deveau, Daniel Kim, Hildamay Humphrey, Jessica Cheverie, Sarah Bruce

Grad Class Awards     Danielle Peters, Laura Boertien, & Kaitlyn MacIntyre

Power Lifting Awards      
Girls' Most Improved:
    Sarah MacPhee
Girls' Most Dedicated:    Nelly Leslie
Boys' Most Improved:    Zack McCormack
Boys' Most Dedicated:   Zack McCormack

Powerlifting Medals:

Tim MacDonald & Tessa O’Donnell
 - Provincial Bronze medallists
Ben MacNeill & Sarah MacPhee  -  Provincial Silver medallists
Zack McCormack  - 
Provincial & Canadian
Bronze medallist, with a National record to his credit
Kurtis McCormack
  -  Provincial & Canadian
Gold medallist where he also set a National record
Jonathan Gallant
- Prov. Silver medallist & Canadian Gold Medallist where he set 3 National records
Nelly Leslie  - 
Prov. Silver medallist & Canadian Gold Medallist where she set 6 National records
Rebecca Chapman  -  Provincial & Canadian
Gold medallist, where she set 7 National records
Rebecca MacPhee  -  Provincial & Canadian
Gold medallist, where she set 6 National records and was named Overall Canadian Champion

Kurtis, Jonathan, Nelly, and both Rebecca’s have qualified for the 2011 World Championships!!

Provincial All-Star Certificates:   
Senior A Girls' Rugby 2010:      
Sydney Moore, Tessa O’Donnell, & Maeghan Allen
Senior AA Girls' Rugby 2010:   Chelsea MacCormack, Brenda Benzies, Taylor Mooney, & Emily Mahar
Senior AA Boys' Rugby 2010:  
Graham Leslie & Nathan Conway
Senior Boys' Soccer:  
               Max MacDonald, Jonathan Gallant, Dawson Burke, & Brandon O’Keefe
Senior Girls' Soccer:                  Chelsea MacCormack, Rebecca Chapman, & Kelsey Laybolt
Midget Girls Volleyball:    
         Jayne Robertson
Senior Girls' Volleyball:     
         Katie Blaisdell
Midget Boys' Basketball:           Liam Carpenter
Midget Girls' Basketball:           
Julia MacAulay & Mary Woods
Senior Boys' Basketball:            Brandon O’Keefe, Dawson Burke, & Jonathan Gallant
Senior Girls' Basketball:             Laura Boertien, Sydney Moore, & Kelsey Laybolt 

Tokens of appreciation to non-staff Volunteer Coaches & Advisors 
Cross Country:  
     Sara Deveau
Midget Soccer:  
     Sherry Pauley
Senior Soccer:         Kathleen MacDonald, Marcellus Campbell 
Midget Volleyball:    Courtney Mahar & Emily Mahar
Senior Volleyball:    Cassie Brown
Midget Basketball:   Shawn Laybolt, Donald MacCormac
Senior Basketball:   
Peter McQuaid, Ron McIntosh, Theresa McInnis, & Natalie Garrett
A Rugby:                 Taylor Mooney, Lucas Peters, Simon Robichaud, Marley MacInnis, Patricia Leslie, Sam Llewellyn, Emily Mahar, Jorie Rose
AA Rugby:               Kathleen MacDonald, Ashley MacIntyre, Marcellus Campbell, Marcus Dunphy
                 Shawn Laybolt & Donald MacCormac
Track & Field:          Brett Whalen & Kim Conway
SAVE:                     Maxine MacLennan
Caring Hearts:          Betty MacPhee

Junior Female Athlete of the Year
:    Jayne Robertson
Junior Male Athlete of the Year:       Liam Carpenter & Zack Acorn

Introduction of Guest Speaker:     Rebecca MacPhee

Guest Speaker:     Tom Nicholls

Thank-you to Guest Speaker:     Alex Fitzpatrick

Continuation of Awards Presentations

Special Presentations
Souris Credit Union
(Paul MacNeill)       - banners & uniforms 
RCMP Foundation (Cst. Earl Woods)    - scoreclock                                    
Souris Harbour Authority (Eric Gallant) - scoreclock
Tribute to Rollie Gallant

Provincial Skills Competition 
Bronze Medal for TV/Video Production           Colton MacLennan & Brandon O’Keefe

S.A.D.D. Award     Amber Nowlan

SAVE Award         Erika MacDonald

Caring Hearts       Most Spirited                          Jonathan Ching
Most Community Minded        Sarah Bruce

Most Valuable Players: 
    Jeremy Peters, Danielle Peters, & Laura Boertien

Senior Girls' Softball 2010     
Most Valuable Player:    
Deanna MacLellan

Senior A Girls' Rugby 2010     
Most Improved Player:    
    Valerie Dickson
Dedication & Leadership:     Tessa O’Donnell
Most Valuable Player:           Katie White

Senior AA Girls' Rugby 2010     
Most Improved Player:        Taylor Mooney
Dedication & Leadership:     Mallory MacInnis & Brenda Benzies
Most Valuable Player:         Chelsea MacCormack

Senior AA Boys' Rugby 2010     
Most Improved Player:        Lance Mingo
Dedication & Leadership:     Lucas Peters
Most Valuable Player:         Graham Leslie
Congratulations to the Senior Boys' team, Provincial Gold Medallists

Manager of the Year
       Drew McClumpha

Athletic Association         Laura Boertien

Midget Girls' Basketball     
Most Improved Player: 
        Miranda Veld
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Mary Woods
Most Valuable Players:         Julia MacAulay
Congratulations to the Midget Girls' team, Provincial Gold Medallists

Midget Boys' Basketball
Most Improved Player: 
        Thomas MacKenzie
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Zack Acorn
Most Valuable Player:          Liam Carpenter
Congratulations to the Midget Boys' team, Provincial Gold Medallists

Senior Girls' Basketball
Most Improved Player: 
        Emily Townshend
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Paula Campbell
Dedication & Leadership:     Kelsey Gallant & Madelyn Stewart
Most Valuable Player:          Laura Boertien

Senior Boys' Basketball     
Most Improved Player: 
        Harold Park
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Dylan Poole
Dedication & Leadership:     Randy MacAulay
Most Valuable Player:          Dawson Burke

Volunteer of the Year       Morgan LaVie

Teacher/Advisor Award
   Randy MacIntyre

Athletic Letters for graduating athletes who have participated in one major sport in an Island league for 3 or more years:
Volleyball:    Katie Blaisdell, Sasha Bruce, Danielle Mahar
Soccer:        Jordan McInnis, Danielle Peters, Brittany Peters, Emily MacDonald, Morgan LaVie
Basketball:   Dawson Burke
Rugby:         Amber Nowlan

Athletic Letters
for graduating athletes who have participated in two major sports
in Island leagues for 3 or more years: 
Powerlifting & Rugby:        
Nelly Leslie
Soccer & Basketball:          Brandon O’Keefe, Kelsey Laybolt, Laura Boertien

Athletic Letters for graduating athletes who have participated in three major sports in Island leagues for 3 or more years: 
Volleyball & Basketball & Rugby:      
Mallory MacInnis, Brenda Benzies, Emily Mahar

Male & Female Athletes of the Year

Nominations are submitted to the Athletic Department and voting takes place according to criteria which include skill level, coachability & attitude, sportsmanship, number of sports played during a high school career, team awards, provincial all-star awards, leadership qualities, and academics. Final selections are made by the Athletic Dept. in consultation with the administration.

The final nominees for Female and Male Athlete:  

Laura Boertien                Dawson Burke
Rebecca Chapman          Jonathan Gallant
Kelsey Laybolt                Jordan MacCormack
Chelsea MacCormack    
Max MacDonald
Madelyn Stewart             Brandon O'Keefe

Female & Male Athletes of 2010/11:     Laura Boertien and Jonathan Gallant



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