Souris Regional High School

Powerlifting Results
@ Montague - October 29, 2010

Results are in for last Friday's meet and our SRHS lifters performed very well with 5 first place finishes and 10 top 3 weight class winners. In addition, Rebecca MacPhee was the #1 female lifter in the event. A good showing with 50 % of the kids in their first competition.
Women's Division (only 6 girls this year)
Rebecca MacPhee
1st place in the 48 kg class and overall winner of the women's division with 16 competitiors. Rebecca set 2 provincial records and exceeded the total weight lifted required to qualify for the Canadian Championships....Unofficial Canadian Records in four lifts (certified national judges needed)
Nelly Leslie
1st place in the 67.5 kg class and 2nd place overall in the women's division. Nelly exceeded the total weight lifted required to qualify for the Canadian Championships.
Sarah MacPhee
1st place in the 82 kg class and 9th overall in the women's division...this was her first competition.
Rebecca Chapman
Did not complete the competition as she returned to score the winning goal for the SRHS Women's Soccer Team...I forgive her this time !
Men's Division
Kurtis MacCormack
1st in the 52 Kg weight class....provincial records in the squat and deadlift....Unofficial Canadian Records in bench press and total lifted (certified national judges needed)
Brandon O'Keefe
3rd in the 56 kg class...first competition
Devon Boertein
5th in the 67.5 kg class...first competition
Alex Fitzpatrick
2nd in the 82.5 kg class and 9th overall in the men's division.
Jordan "Rico" MacInnis
3rd in the 90 kg class and 11th overall in the men's division
James Woods
4th in the 90 kg class
Matthew Burke
6th overall in the 90 kg class
Zack MacCormack
1st in the 100 kg class...first competition
Kevin Cameron
5th in the 100 kg class
Ben MacNeill
6th in the 100 kg class
Paul LaPierre
1st in the 110 kg class...first competition
Tim MacDonald
3rd in the 125 kg division...first competition


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