Souris Regional High School

2012 Island Powerlifting Championships 
Charlottetown, PEI
January 28, 2012

Final powerlifting results are in … and … Everyone qualified for Nationals.
Rebecca Chapman
1st in 72 kg sub-junior womens class…top female sub-junior lifter…3 unofficial (need 3 national refs) Canadian records.
Courtney Dill (her first CPU competition)
2nd in 72 kg sub-junior women’s class
Curt Clements (his first CPU competition)
1st in 59 kg sub-junior men’s class and an unofficial Canadian record, beating Kurtis McCormack’s deadlift total from the world championships.
Zack McCormack
2nd in 105 kg sub-junior men’s class … all personal best lifts
Sean Fitzpatrick (unequipped & first CPU competition)
1st in 83 kg sub-junior men’s class … 2nd overall sub-junior men … 4 unofficial Canadian records
Matthew LaPierre (first CPU competition)
1st in sub-junior men’s 74 kg class … 3rd overall sub-junior men
Not a bad day for SRHS…….




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