40th Annual Souris Regional All-Awards

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Masters of Ceremony
    Ryan Acorn & Jillian Tassell 
Grace                               Matthew McInnis

Awards Presentations 

Student Council presentation for Leadership      Carly Boertien & Morgan Cornwall (presidents)
Band Awards    
Grade 8/9     Most Improved:   
               Matthew Antle
                      Most Valuable Musician:     Holly O’Regan
Senior           Most Improved:                  Emily MacDonald (grade 10)
                      Most Valuable Musician:     Morgan Cornwall
Most Dedicated Musician:  
Ashley Savoie
Midget Girls' Soccer      
Most Improved Player:
    Keisha Duncan
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Addie MacPhee
Most Valuable Player:     Emily MacDonald

Midget Boys' Soccer
Most Improved Player:
    Camden Jenkins
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Darcy Chaisson
Most Valuable Players:     Ben MacIsaac & Riley Jamieson
Congratulations to the Midget Boys' team, Provincial Champions!

Senior Girls' Soccer
Most Improved Player:
    Emily MacDonald
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Emma Sweeney & Emily Gallant
Most Valuable Player:      Sarah MacIsaac

Senior Boys' Soccer     
Rookie of the Year:
          Riley Flynn     
Most Improved Player:     Clarke MacCarville
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Ryan Acorn   
Most Valuable Players:     Cole Carpenter & Matthew McInnis
Congratulations to the Senior Boys' team, Provincial Bronze Medallists! 

Midget Girls' Volleyball     
Most Improved Player:
   Allee Clinton
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Beth MacDonald
Most Valuable Player:      Erin Robertson

Senior Girls' Volleyball     
Most Improved Player:
    Alyssa Lutz
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Erin Grant
Most Valuable Player:      Bailee Ford

Cross Country
Most Improved:
              Liam Kelly & Holly O’Regan
Runner of the Year:          Nathan Cahill

Track & Field 2015
Most Valuable:
                Riley Roche & Marcus Cahill

Yearbook Presentations      Kara Ching, Miranda Veld, Carly Boertien, & Logan Rose

Grad Class
            Erin Grant & Miranda Veld

Tokens of appreciation to non-staff Volunteer Coaches & Advisors 
Midget Boys Soccer:  
      Lukas MacCormack & Donald McCormack
Senior Girls Volleyball:      Margo Robertson
Midget Girls Basketball:    Kevin McIntosh
Senior Girls Basketball:   
 Laura Boertien, Melanie Boertien, & Janet “Nana” Boertien
Senior Boys Basketball:    Kevin Jenkins, Brandon Ford, & Randy MacAulay
Girls Rugby:                     Stephanie MacPhee, Brittany Peters, Katie White, & Tessa O’Donnell
Boys' Softball:  
               Candy Handrahan & Colleen MacGregor

Provincial All-Star Certificates  
Senior A Girls Rugby 2015:     
Sarah MacIsaac, Jillian Tassell, Emily Gallant (league) 
Senior Boys Softball 2015:      Dawson Grenier, Josh McIntosh (league) 
Senior Girls Soccer:  
          Sarah MacIsaac, Jasmine Laybolt (league) 
Senior Boys Soccer:  
         Cole Carpenter, Matthew McInnis (league) 
Senior Girls Volleyball:        Erin Grant (league), Meghan Stewart (tournament)
Senior Girls Basketball:       Jasmine Laybolt (league), Meghan Stewart (league & tournament)
Senior Boys Basketball:      Luke Chaisson & Austin Chaisson (league), Josh McIntosh (tournament)

Powerlifting Awards
Most Valuable Lifter & Gold in his weight class:   Isaac Ching
Bronze in their weight classes:                              Marcus Cahill & Noah Manning

Junior Female Athlete of the Year
:    Emily MacDonald
Junior Male Athlete of the Year:       Riley Jamieson & Cole McMahon

Introduction of Guest Speaker:     Alex Chapman

Guest Speaker:     Ms. Rebecca Chapman

Thank-you to Guest Speaker:     Danika Chapman

Continuation of Awards Presentations

Skills Canada
Thank you to
Isaac Cahill who represented Souris Regional in the Welding competitions

Intermediate MVPs 
            Isabelle MacPhee & Riley Jamieson
Senior MVP                       Nathan Cahill

Senior A Girls' Rugby 2015     
Most Improved Player:    
    Madeline MacDonald
Most Valuable Player:           Sarah MacIsaac

Boys' Softball 2015           
Most Valuable Player:      
    Dawson Grenier

Senior Girls' Softball 2015           
Most Valuable Player:      
    Bailee Ford

Midget Boys' Basketball     
Most Improved Player: 
        Thomas Robertson
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Cole McMahon
Most Valuable Players:         Jacob & Jesse Outhouse

Midget Girls' Basketball
Most Improved Player: 
        Beth MacDonald
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Grace Robertson
Most Valuable Player:          Kathryn McIntosh

Senior Girls' Basketball
Most Improved Player: 
        Carrie Jane Hennessey
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Miranda Veld
Most Valuable Player:          Jasmine Laybolt & Meghan Stewart

Senior Boys' Basketball
Most Improved Player: 
        Randy Antle 
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Josh McIntosh
Most Valuable Player:          Austin Chaisson

Intramural Award             Darcy Chaisson

Athletic Association
        Matthew McInnis

Teacher/Advisor Award   Lynne MacPhee

Athletic Letters for graduating athletes who have participated in one major Senior sport in an Island league for 3 or more years:
Soccer:        Carly Boertien, Lydia MacDonald, Nathan Cahill, Cole Carpenter, Lukas MacDonald, Matthew McInnis 
Basketball:   Kerri MacGregor, Miranda Veld, Isaac Cahill, Austin Chaisson
Rugby:         Cassie McMahon

Athletic Letters for graduating athletes who have participated in two major Senior sports in Island leagues for 3 or more years: 
Volleyball & Rugby:      Danika Chapman, Erin Grant
Soccer & Rugby:          Emily Gallant, Chloe Hassan, Sadie MacDonald, Sarah MacIsaac, Jillian Tassell
& Softball:        Maria Clinton

Athletic Letters
for graduating athletes who have participated in three major Senior sports
in Island leagues for 3 or more years: 
Volleyball & Rugby:      Meghan Stewart

Male & Female Athletes of the Year

Nominations are submitted to the Athletic Department and voting takes place according to criteria which include skill level, coachability & attitude, 
sportsmanship, number of sports played, team & provincial all-star awards, leadership qualities, and academics. 

The final nominees for Male & Female Athlete:  
Female: Bailee Ford, Emily Gallant, Jasmine Laybolt, Sarah MacIsaac, Meghan Stewart, Jillian Tassell
Ryan Acorn, Nathan Cahill, Austin Chaisson, Josh McIntosh

Male & Female Athletes of 2015/16:     Nathan Cahill & Meghan Stewart


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