42nd Annual Souris Regional All-Awards

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Brittney Blackett

Masters of Ceremony
     Jacy McMillan & Randy Antle
Grace         Steven Acorn                    

Awards Presentations 

Student Council presentation for Leadership      Logan Rose
Yearbook Presentations      Holly O’Regan (ed.), Kathryn McIntosh (ed.), Maria Lutz, Logan Rose

Band Awards    
Grade 7          Most Improved Musician:   
Sarah Carter
                       Most Valuable Musician:     Jenny Chaisson
Grade 8/9      Most Improved Musician:    Jonathan Nadeau
                       Most Valuable Musician:     Cameron Kelly                      
Senior            Most Improved:                  Jenny Rose
                       Most Valuable Musician:     Zoe O’Regan

Intermediate Girls' Soccer      
Most Improved Player:
    Abby MacAdam
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Jillian Power
Coaches' Award:              Addie MacPhee, Chloe LaBrech, Delaney Roche
Most Valuable Player:      Brooklyn MacInnis & Georgia Fraser
The Intermediate Girls were undefeated in the regular season & Provincial Silver Medalists this year!

Intermediate Boys' Soccer
Most Improved Player:
    Tristen Ching
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Steven Acorn
Most Valuable Players:     Keirnan Rodgers

Boys' Baseball Award    Randy Antle

Senior Girls' Soccer     
Most Improved Player:
    Sarah MacDonald   
Ability & Sportsmanship:  Richelle Carpenter
Most Valuable Player:      Emma Sweeney

Senior Boys' Soccer     
Rookie of the Year:
          Camden Jenkins  
Most Improved Player:      Darcy Chaisson
Ability & Sportsmanship:   Riley Jamieson
Most Valuable Players:      Ben MacIssac & Clarke McCarville

Intermediate Girls' Volleyball     
Most Improved Player:
    Julie Bruce
Sportsmanship:                 Brooke Robertson
Most Valuable Player:      Allee Clinton
The Intermediate Girls were undefeated in the regular season & Provincial Silver Medalists this year!

Senior Girls' Volleyball     
Most Improved Player:
   Keisha Duncan
Sportsmanship:                Zoe O’Regan
Most Valuable Player:     Shea MacNeill

U14 Girls' Spring Volleyball     
The U14 Girls were Provincial Bronze Medalists this year!

U18 Boys' Spring Volleyball     
The U18 Boys were Provincial Bronze Medalists this year!

Cross Country
Runners of the Year::
        Addie MacPhee & Liam Kelly

Track & Field 2017
Most Valuable:
                 Noah Manning

Grad Class Award          Randy Antle 

Tokens of appreciation to non-staff Volunteer Coaches & Advisors 
Senior Girls' Volleyball:    
        Margo Robertson & Ben Mitsuk
Senior Boys' Baseball:              Jamie Antle & Margo Robertson
Intermediate Girls' Basketball:   Chico Laybolt
Senior Girls' Basketball:   
        Melanie Boertien
Senior Boys' Basketball:           Kevin Jenkins & Jamie Antle
Flag Football:                           Shawn Fraser
                            Donald Bergeron

Provincial All-Star Certificates  
Intermediate Girls Volleyball:   
Brooke Robertson, Allee Clinton
Senior Girls Soccer:                Jacy McMillan, Emma Sweeney
Senior Boys Soccer:  
             Clarke McCarville, Ben MacIsaac
Senior Girls Basketball:           Rae Matheson, Sarah MacDonald (league & tournament)
Senior Boys Basketball:          Isaac Chaisson, Randy Antle (league & tournament)

Powerlifting Awards    
Silver in his weight class:    Colby Enslow
Most Valuable Lifter, Gold in his weight class & the overall PEISAA Championship Male Lifter: Noah Manning

Junior Female Athlete of the Year:    Addie MacPhee    
Junior Male Athlete of the Year:       Steven Acorn

Spartan Video 
of trips to Quebec, NYC, Halifax, Mexico (Jacy), Florida (Randy)  by Logan Rose 

Continuation of Awards Presentations

Skills Canada Provincial Competitions
Automotive: 4th   
Marcus Cahill
Welding: 4th 
        Lucas Rafuse
Welding: 5th        
Blaine Keus

Intermediate MVP
                Brooke Robertson
won the Gold medal in the Singles event!!

Senior MVP                        Jacy McMillan

Intermediate Girls' Basketball     
Most Improved Players: 
       Brooklyn MacInnis & Addie MacPhee
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Jenny Chaisson              
Most Valuable Player:          Jillian Power 

Intermediate Boys' Basketball
Most Improved Player: 
       Jacob MacPhee
Ability & Sportsmanship:     Craig Steadman 
Coaches' Award:                 Mason McCarville
Most Valuable Player:         Steven Acorn    
The Intermediate Boys were Provincial Bronze Medalists this year!

Senior Girls' Basketball     
Most Improved Player: 
        Emily MacDonald
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Grace Robertson
Most Valuable Player:          Sarah MacDonald
The Senior Girls were Provincial A Bronze Medalists this year!

Senior Boys' Basketball
Most Improved Player: 
        Isaac Chaisson   
Ability & Sportsmanship:      Ben MacDonald 
Most Valuable Player:          Randy Antle

Athletic Association          Jacy McMillan 

Teacher/Advisor Award    Ilse Peters-Ching

Volunteers of the Year      Lucas Rafuse & Lacy Conway 

Athletic Letters for graduating athletes who have participated in one major Senior sport in an Island league for 3 or more years:
Soccer:                 Chandler MacAulay, Emily MacDonald,  Richelle Carpenter
Volleyball:             Alyssa Lutz, Zoe O’Regan
Basketball:            Ben MacDonald, Hannah MacDonald, Madeline MacDonald, Sarah MacDonald
Softball/Baseball:   Brett Robertson, Logan Rose
Powerlifting:          Noah Manning

Athletic Letters for graduating athletes who have participated in two major Senior sports in Island leagues for 3 or more years: 
Volleyball & Softball:                 Sarah Blaisdell 
Soccer & Softball/Baseball:       Clarke McCarville, Miranda McKinnon, Jacy McMillan, Riley Roche          
Softball/Baseball & Basketball:
  Randy Antle         
Soccer & Basketball:                Brittany Blackett       
Male & Female Athletes of the Year

Nominations are submitted to the Athletic Department and voting takes place according to criteria which include skill level, coachability & attitude, 
sportsmanship, number of sports played, team & provincial all-star awards, leadership qualities, and academics. 

The final nominees for Male & Female Athlete:  
Female:  Brittney Blackett, Sarah MacDonald, Jacy McMillan, Miranda McKinnon
Male:     Randy Antle, Noah Manning, Clarke McCarville, Brett Robertson

Male & Female Athletes of 2017/18:     Randy Antle & Sarah MacDonald


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