Souris Regional High School Spartans

Interscholastic soccer would appear to have surfaced first in the fall of 1973. A Senior Girl's side was formed and played in competition with Montague in the fall of 1973. There is not a record of an official title being played for that fall. There is also an indication of a Midget Boy's team being in operation that fall. However there are no records available of interscholastic matches being played.

photo from Seventy-Four Spartan
This next photo shows success and the first soccer championship for Souris High under coach Carol (White) Fitzpatrick. Irene MacPhee (on the far left) went on to an outstanding career in Intercollegiate Field Hockey and Basketball at St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

photo from Rah Rah Rah Spartan 1975

That fall there was a midget schedule developed for both boys and girls.


photos from Rah Rah Rah Spartan 1975

Later field hockey was introduced for girls in the fall schedule and soccer was dropped as an interscholastic sport until its revival in the fall of 1988. For the boys, it was a different story. This below is a photo of the first high school boys team which played a full schedule in the fall of 1978. Five players from this team surfaced within the Lamplighters club about a decade later. Second from the right in the middle row is Philip MacIntyre, a co-founder of club soccer in Souris. Mitchell MacAulay (third from the right front row) played in the first and subsequent Mud Bowl matches. Craig Jenkins (to Mitchell's left in the front row) also played in Mud Bowl matches. In the back row left, Ross Young participated in Mud Bowl matches and coached for a year in the early 90's. Paul Cheverie (second from left in the back row) played Mud Bowl matches and was right back in the first Senior Lamplighter's team in 1988. Paul was also a valued coach in the minor system.

photo from the 1979 Spartan

An interesting sidelight is that Jenkins went on to a brilliant ice hockey career, culminating in being a valuable member of the Charlottetown Islanders which won the Allan Cup Championship in 1993. Ross Young also did well in the sport of his choice, Canadian Football. He was an all-star on several occasions at Mount Allison University and helped coach the team to a Vanier Cup Final. Young served the people of the district of 1st. Kings as a member of the P.E.I. Legislative Assembly from 1991 to 1996.

The first and to date only male championship was the Senior "A" Boys in 1980.

photo from Our Year - 1981 Spartan

The team advanced into "AA" in 1981 and while there were several disappointing close calls for medals, the team did not reach success until 1998.

Souris "AA" Boys vs. Bluefield in late October 1982 - photo from Eighty-Three Spartan

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