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Mud Bowl Championship

The Mud Bowl

Why the Mud Bowl??? Have a look. . . . . .

Thanksgiving Day 1988 (photo by John Loome)

Mud Bowl Championship Men Women
1986 Souris Elite Old Stars---
1987 Souris Elite Old Stars---
1988 Souris Elite Old Stars---
1989 Souris Elite Old Stars---
1990 Souris Spartans---
1991 Souris ClassicsSouris Spartans
1992 Souris SelectsSouris Spartans
1993 Souris SpartansSouris Spartans
1994 Souris SelectsSouris Grads
1995 Souris SpartansSouris Spartans
1996 Souris SelectsSouris Spartans
1997 Souris SelectsSouris Spartans
1998 Souris SelectsSouris Spartans
1999 Souris SelectsSouris Grads
2000 Souris Selects---
2001 Souris Selects---
2002Souris Selects---

1986 Mud Bowl Champions (photo by Alan Indge)

Most Valuable Player John MacGillivray Memorial Award Paula Brown Memorial Award
1991 Philip MacIntyre & Scott CampbellDawn Rose
1992 Calvin Chaisson->
1993 Ryan Paquet->
1994 Brent MacKinnon->
1995 Steven McInnis->
1996 Curtis MacKenzieJudy Campbell-Hennessey
1997 Matthew McCormack & Shelby McInnis->
1998 Terry CampbellAmy Chisholm
1999 Stanley Chaisson->
2000 Steven McInnis & Brad Kickham---
2001 Brad Kickham---
2002Elmer Deagle & Stanley Chaisson---

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