Souris Regional School

Notes for Coaches

Thank you very much for your interest in assisting the student athletes of Souris High.
The volunteering of your time, skill, and knowledge is much appreciated by the administration, staff, and students.
Please feel free to contact the administration or athletic department members whenever the need arises.

School Contacts

Mrs. Sharon McIntosh      Principal
Ms. Lynne MacPhee         Vice-Principal
Ms. Karen Aucoin-Smith   Athletic Director
Mr. Randy MacIntyre        Physical Education Teacher

Following are some notes which should be of assistance to you in regard to various coaching aspects at SRHS:


Coaches are expected to be in full control of team behaviour at all times - during practices and games and while traveling.

Since students must be supervised during school activities, please make arrangements with another adult to supervise the team members if you expect to be late for an activity.

The administration recommends that each team should have a co-coach or an assistant coach.

Each major team in the school should also have a manager. The manager can help with announcements, equipment, first aid gear, keys, score sheets, statistics, and other jobs which the coach may not have time for. A manager should not be a playing member of the team.

Before the season begins, let players know that equal playing time is not guaranteed for all players and try to give each individual an idea of what playing time they may expect.  The expectation is that if a player is chosen for a team that he/she should receive some reasonable playing time.

Consider sitting out or cutting down the playing time of players who regularly miss practices or games.

If players or parents have any serious problems or concerns, discussion should first take place with the team captain or coach. If this is not satisfactory, contact can be made with a member of the athletic department or school administration.

Any discipline or other problems which cannot be handled to the satisfaction of the coach should be brought to the attention of a member of the athletic department or the administration.


Athletes and parents must sign the Code of Conduct Contract and Participation forms.

Membership on an athletic team is dependent upon good attitude, consistent work habits, and performance in academic classes.

Students who participate in extra-curricular activities are expected to be good ambassadors of the school. This means that they should show respect for coaches, officials, opponents, and themselves and exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.

Foul language, smoking, drinking, or drug use will not be tolerated.

Players are expected to show commitment to the team and are expected to attend all practices, games, and team meetings. In cases where it is impossible for them to be in attendance due to sickness, injury, or other valid reason, they should notify the coach or athletic director beforehand.

Players who have been absent from school without approval or who have been suspended will not be allowed to play on that day.

Players are required to give Athletic Leave forms to any teacher whose class they will miss, due to the team leaving early for a game. This form must be delivered to the teacher at least one day in advance of the game. Players are responsible for all work covered and any assignments given during the class.


Co-ordinate your game and practice schedules with members of the athletic department.

If school is cancelled, there will be no practices or games held that day.

Please assist in ensuring that our gym floor remains in good shape by helping to keep non-players off the floor during practises and also before, at half-time, and after games.

Game Reports

Before each game, ensure that the game sheet is filled in with each playerís first name, last name, and number. Please assist our scorers and timers if they are having difficulty at any point.

After each home game, check to see that the game sheet has been filled in properly. Leave it in the Phys. Ed. office so that it can be faxed to the commissioner the next morning.

Following each home game, please copy the game information from the game sheet so that you can enter the results for both teams on the PEISAA web site ( before 9:00 p.m.  You can use your own surname as the login name.  The password is 'Spartans'. These results are automatically forwarded to the Guardian. If the information is not entered that evening, then the results will not appear in the paper ... and the school will receive a call from the commissioner.

Please contact the athletic director that evening if you are unable to upload the information, if any player has been ejected, or if there has been a major problem during the game.


Schedules are created at a meeting of all school athletic directors before the season begins. Only games affected by weather conditions or extenuating circumstances (e.g. - a tragedy in the community) will be considered for rescheduling.

Rescheduling has to be done by the schoolís athletic director who will contact the other school involved, the league commissioner, the assigner of officials, and the PEISAA executive director.


Coaches interested in hosting a tournament should notify the athletic department at least three weeks beforehand. Include the dates, teams to be invited, and what role you expect the athletic department to provide.

The P.E.I. School Athletic Association requires a sanction form 20 days before hosting a tournament or exhibition involving teams from another province and 30 days before playing outside of P.E.I.

Players will be expected to pay for accommodations and meals during tournaments. Coachesí accommodations and meals will be covered by the schoolís athletic budget.


Players must travel with the team on the bus provided by the school. Other travel arrangements will be permitted only in exceptional circumstances, with prior written permission from parents and approval by the school administration. Under no circumstances are players permitted to travel to or from a game in a vehicle driven by another student.

Food and  drinks are not allowed on the buses.
Misbehaviour on a bus may result in expulsion from the team.

Upon return from late games or after week-end games, ensure that all players are safely on their way home and that the school has been locked before you leave.  If you will be entering the school after 12:30 pm, please phone the office beforehand to get a code to temporarily turn off the security system.


Uniforms are the property of the school, to be worn only during games, washed after each game, and turned in to the coach or a member of the athletic department at the end of the season.

After practices and games, ensure that equipment is returned neatly to its storage location.


School announcements go online at 9:00 a.m. each day. Please send your announcements in by 8:00 a.m. or, if possible, during the previous day.


Sport PEI Insurance has been purchased by the school and covers any athletic injuries which are not already covered by an individualís personal insurance company.

An injury which results in a player being sent to the doctor or which keeps a player out of the line-up for games or practices requires an injury report to be filled out at the school. The report will be passed on to the PEISAA and to the insurance company within 30 days so that any future claims or payments will be valid.  Please notify the athletic director to report the injury and for help in filling out the form.

Sport Fees

Before the seasonís first game, players must give participation forms (signed by a parent or guardian) and school sport fees to a member of the athletic department. Fee amounts are dependent upon season length and help to defray the cost of officials, equipment, travel and tournament registrations. For basketball in particular, a player's fee actually covers only about one-third of the cost per season.  The remainder is paid through school and travel budgets.


Officials are paid through Souris Regionalís athletic budget.
Minor officials are also paid unless they are doing the job as part of a Phys. Ed. course.