Souris Regional School

Herman on his World Tour


Souris, PEI

Herman's travel message
Paris, France

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Herman is lost ...but
has found a rocket ship!
London, England

Herman has found a replacement
for the Souris bridge!
London, England

Herman lost his watch but is
happy to have found a clock!
Vienna, Austria

Herman says his camera will copy
the paintings a lot quicker!
Ghent, Belgium

Herman can't decide
which bicycle to rent
Ypres, Belgium

Herman likes his bike
... It has a bell!
Ko Samui, Thailand

Herman thinks his motorcycle
needs a steering wheel ...
Thailand jungle

Herman likes these big dogs  ...
You can ride on them!
Czech Republic

Herman thought he won the game ...
but they have strange checkers rules...
Back to Souris, PEI for exams

Herman knows all of the exam answers
but his classmates are
still reading, writing, and sleeping ...
Heading for the airport

Herman thinks his friend 
should do some more shovelling 
before he pushes the old car out ...
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Herman has decided that surfing
is more fun than shovelling snow!
London, England

Herman found a way
to walk under the
snowbanks this winter!

Herman is going to ask if he
can borrow a yacht ...
and sail it to Greece!
Somewhere off the coast of Greece

Herman fell off his boat!
... but he has a lifejacket on and
he thinks he can float to shore ...
Panama Canal

Herman hopes they don't
scrape the sides of the ship 
before he boards ...
Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Herman made it back from the Amazon. He saw a big snake fight a crocodile ... but he didn't stay around to see who won!
Basin Head, PEI

Herman has returned from his travels
around the world ...
Basin Head, PEI

He has applied for a summer job
as a lifeguard at Basin Head!
Hunter River, PEI
Herman is proud to join
Patrick Ledwell & Mark Haines
in the Island Summer Review!



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