The following list of Souris Regional High School teacher aides is incomplete. 

Please e-mail us at  S.R.H.S.  to make additions or corrections.


Souris High Teacher Aides

Years at S.R.H.S.
Maggie  Campbell  
Donna Campbell 1991/92
Pauline Campbell  (MacCormack)  
Colleen Carter  
Calvin Chaisson 1998/99
Dwayne Clements  
Tara Daglan 1997/98
Jennifer Daley 1997/98
Jean  Dupont 1987/88
Bev Gregory 1998/99 - 2000/01
Kelli Hebert 1998/99
Mark Kickham 1995/96
Helen MacAulay  
Jean MacDonald  
Mary MacPhee 1979/80
Dawn Nelson  (Bonnin) 1997/98
Carolyn O'Hanley 1995/96
Colleen Paquet 1998/99
Roger Outhouse 1979/80
Sue Somerville  
Fran Stewart  
Vicki Veld 1992/93



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