The following list of Souris Regional High School bus drivers is incomplete. 

Please e-mail us at  S.R.H.S.  to make additions or corrections.


Souris High Bus Drivers

George Banks  
Sterling Burke  
Jim Cahill  
Johnnie Chaisson  
Gerald  Clinton  
Joe Conway  
Johnny  Deagle  
Lloyd  Deagle  
Francis Dingwell  
Lorne Dingwell  
Harry Dixon  
Jackie Doucette  
Buddy Fraser  
Ferdie Gallant  
Vernon Garrett  
Joe Gillis  
Cliffy Joe  MacDonald  
Garry  MacDonald  
Sterling MacDonald  
Wendell MacLaren  
David Mahar  
Sandra Mahar  
Doug Morrow  
Michael O'Connor  
David Outhouse  
Ray Peters  
Danny Sheehan  



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