We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks
to all the community volunteers
who, over the years, have donated their time and talents
to the students of Souris Regional High School

Souris High
Community Volunteers

Carol Aitken Curling
Janet Boertien Basketball
Philip Boertien Basketball
Brian  Brown Soccer
Bert Bushey Hockey
Anne Marie Cahill Library
Julie Cahill Soccer
Kendyle (Campbell) Peters Volleyball & Basketball
Kumari Campbell Drama
Marcellus Campbell Rugby
Nigel Campbell Basketball
Pat Campbell Field Hockey
Paul Cantelo Soccer
Darla Chaisson Soccer
Darren Chaisson Soccer
Frankie Chaisson Basketball
Gail Chaisson Basketball
J. J. Chaisson Soccer
Joanne Chaisson Basketball
Marcia Chiasson Powerlifting
Marise Chapman Volleyball
Rebecca Chapman Rugby
Fred Cheverie Curling & Hockey
Heather  Cheverie Basketball
Nadine Cheverie Yearbook
Tracey Cheverie Soccer
Duane Ching Basketball
Alan Chisholm Soccer
Joanne Chisholm Soccer
Gerald Clinton Curling & Softball
Karen Conrad Basketball
Bernie Conway Football
Kim Whalen Track & Field
Lori Creamer Volleyball
Sister Irma Daigle Music
Roma Deagle Basketball
Brian Deveau Basketball
Glenn Deveau Basketball
Paul Deveau Soccer
Courtney Dill Soccer
Ryan Doucette Track & Field
Marcus Dunphy Rugby
Kylie Ann Dwan Basketball
Cara Eastman Rugby
Jerry Edge Football
Jossie Ehler Volleyball
Tracey Elliott Volleyball
Dylan Fay Soccer
Roddie Fisher Basketball
Natalie Fisher Basketball
Susie Fisher Basketball
Thomas Fisher Basketball
Mike  Ford Basketball
Freda Fraser Rugby
Ken Fraser Hockey
Monique Gallant Volleyball
Felicia Gallant Basketball
Rollie Gallant Soccer & Basketball
& Softball
Shelly Garrett Volleyball
Donna Gaudet Library
Donnie Gauthier Basketball
Star Gillam Softball
Emery Gillan Hockey
David Grant Basketball
Mark Haines Music & Festivals
John Hassen Soccer
Dave Holmes Basketball
Chris James Soccer
Doris Jenkins Basketball
Kevin Jenkins Basketball
Tammy Jenkins Basketball
Nicole Jennings Volleyball & Basketball
Nancy Keenan Library
Mark Kickham Soccer
Mary Kinsman Basketball
Dave Knowles Hockey
Kelsey Laybolt Basketball
Michelle Laybolt Soccer & Basketball
Shawn Laybolt Basketball & Softball
Waldron Leard Soccer
Patricia Leslie Rugby
Bruce MacAulay Basketball
Mary MacAulay Library
Ron MacAulay Softball
Laurie MacClure Softball
Donald MacCormac Basketball & Soccer & Softball
Dwayne MacCormac Basketball
Brendon MacCormack Soccer
Bunnie MacCormack Softball
Chelsea MacCormack Rugby
Cherie  MacCormack Soccer
Jordon MacCormack Rugby
Alexandra MacDonald Soccer
Allison MacDonald Soccer
Barb MacDonald Basketball
David  MacDonald Basketball
Elmer MacDonald Hockey
Erica MacDonald Rugby
Ian MacDonald Softball
Kathleen MacDonald Soccer & Rugby
Laurel MacDonald Rugby
Margaret MacDonald Field Hockey
Maria MacDonald Basketball
Sherry MacDonald Soccer
Thelma MacDonald Library
Bev MacGregor Library
Colleen  MacGregor Soccer
Marley MacInnis Rugby
Mary Beth MacInnis Rugby
Vicki MacInnis Basketball
Ashley Ann MacIntyre Rugby
Lisa MacIntyre Basketball
Paul MacIntyre Soccer
Philip MacIntyre Soccer
Megan MacIsaac Rugby
Terry  MacIsaac Basketball
Alan MacKenzie Basketball
Carmel MacKenzie Soccer
Justin MacKenzie Soccer
Tammy  MacKenzie Volleyball
Lynn Ann MacKinnon Volleyball
Jill MacLaren Rugby
Joanne MacLaughlin Basketball
Maxine MacLennan SAVE
Ben MacNeill Rugby
Alan MacPhee Intram. Hockey
Betty MacPhee Caring Hearts
Carol Ann  MacPhee Soccer
John  MacPhee Hockey
Nora MacPhee Basketball
Vernon MacPhee Hockey
Veronica MacPhee Library
Terry  MacSwain Hockey
Jason  MacVane Basketball
Coralee Mahar Rugby
Courtney Mahar Volleyball
Emily Mahar Volleyball & Rugby
Mary Mahar Caring Hearts
Jolene Mallard Basketball
Joe McElwee Rugby
Janet McInnis Basketball
Steven McInnis Soccer
Theresa McInnis Basketball
Tracy (Peters) McInnis Volleyball
Chrissy McIntosh Softball
Kevin McIntosh Hockey & Softball & Basketball
Mike McIntosh Hockey
Norman McIntosh Basketball & Softball
Pam McIntosh Volleyball
Ronnie McIntosh Basketball
Frank McNally Hockey
Jayne McLaughlin Basketball
Joanne McLaughlin Basketball
Meaghan McQuaid Volleyball & Basketball
Peter McQuaid Basketball
Curtis Mills Basketball
Taylor Mooney Rugby
Irene Morrow Volleyball
Judy Morrow Volleyball
John Mullally Hockey
Mike O'Neill Football
Shane O'Neill Rugby
Josh O'Keefe Soccer
Kathy O'Keefe Volleyball
Cindy Outhouse Volleyball
Colleen  Outhouse Basketball
Roger Outhouse Curling & Hockey
John Mullally Hockey
Jenna Pahlke Volleyball
Maynard Paquet Hockey
Billy Penny Basketball
Lucas Peters Rugby
Reg Peters Hockey
Amanda Picot Rugby
Helena Picot Rugby
Susan Peters Basketball
Amanda Picot Rugby
Helena Picot Rugby
Phil Pitts Basketball
Brian Poehlman Computer
Mark Potvin Basketball
Gladys Reid Curling
Chrissy  Robertson Rugby
Jayne Robertson Volleyball
Margo  Robertson Basketball & Volleyball & Softball
Marguerite Robichaud Softball
Simon Robichaud Rugby
Thomas  Rodgers Soccer
Jorie Rose Rugby
Keisha Rose Rugby
Logan Sauve' Rugby
Gary Sheehan Soccer
Richard Sheehan Soccer & Softball
Wayne Sisson Curling
Sister St. Catherine Music
Sister St. George Music
Shelley Stewart Basketball
Lori Sutherland Basketball & Volleyball
Jon Taylor Soccer & Tennis
Melanie Taylor Rugby
Nadine Thibodeau Volleyball
Liza Townshend Soccer
Amanda Whalen Soccer
Brett Whalen Track & Field
John Whalen Basketball
Katie White Rugby
Wade Williams Basketball
Mark Winfield Basketball

Those in a bright yellow background have contributed for 5 years or more at Souris High
Those in a gold background have contributed for 10 years or more at Souris High

The above list of volunteers is incomplete.

Please e-mail us at  S.R.H.S.  to make additions.



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