Souris Regional High School

Creative Multimedia 801
Mr. MacClure

Audio: Audacity Assignment

On the L: drive, create an Audio folder.  Save all of your audiofiles there
(The G: drive does not have enough space for these files.)

      Produce a 20-60 second commercial Advertisement for a product of your choice.
      A logical and time-saving procedure would be to create a simple written plan first, 
      outlining when and who will be speaking and when the music and effects will be inserted.

A.  Requirements:  a)  at least two Voices (You can record them both yourself, if you wish).
                                 b)  at least one other type of Sound downloaded or recorded by you.
                                      (.wav files are pretty good)
                                 c)  Music playing during part(s) of the advertisement.
                                 d)  Effects to make the advertisement more realistic and professional.
                                      (Some common ones are Amplify, Pitch, Speed).
                                      Use Fade in and Fade out, particularly when dealing with music.

      The sounds can be recorded simultaneously or separated into different time intervals.
      Ensure that the volume levels are appropriate for each sound so the message is audible.

B.  Save your project to the L: drive as  advertisement.aup
      Also, Export it to the L: drive as  advertisement.mp3  or  advertisement.wav

C.  Hand in a typed half-page Report explaining briefly:
      how you recorded the Music for your advertisement and
      how you used Effects to enhance your advertisement.
      Include a title, date, and the names of your group's members.

D.  Fill out the group marking sheet and hand it in to Mr. MacClure.


CMM 801