Souris Regional High School

Creative Multimedia 801
Mr. MacClure

Imaging: Brainstorm - Photo Contest


A.  The class will Brainstorm to come up with one-word ideas for a Photo Shoot Contest
B.  Words may be nouns or verbs, realistic or imaginative
C.  The teacher will choose a number of the words to be included in the contest
D.  The student will take 1 picture each to illustrate the word from his/her point of view
E.  Try to use the 10 Top Rules and Elements of Photography when creating the shots
F.  Ask your teacher for suggestions or advice
G.  You may crop, brighten, etc. but you may not use Special Effects
H.  You will need to spend time outside of class taking your photographs
I.  Use the sign-out sheet if you need to borrow a camera overnight
J.  Due date: Wednesday, March 14, 2007


CMM 801