Souris Regional High School

Creative Multimedia 801
Mr. MacClure

Animation: Flash Assignments

     On the L: and G: drives, create an Animation folder.
     Save all of your Flash files there.
     Check the Publish option to make sure that each file saves with .fla and .swf extensions.
     Use Macromedia Flash to produce the following files:
A.  Bouncer:
     At least two objects which move across the screen, bouncing off walls or each other.
     The objects may be imported or may be created.  If using something simple like a ball,  
     make sure that you use Gradient effect & fill or other effects to show three-dimensionality.
     Use the Free Transform tool to help "squash" the objects as they hit the walls.
     There should be at least 36 frames, at 12 fps.  
     Include a different background or background colour than white.
B.  Shape Change:
     A shape which changes position and transforms into a new shape.
     The transformation of the object must be seen along the way.
     There should be at least 24 frames, at 12 fps.      
C.  Text Tween:
     Text or a message which transforms into new text in a different position on the screen.
     The transformation of the text must be seen along the way.
     Use a large enough font size to be seen easily.  
     The starting and ending text should have different colours. 
     There should be at least 24 frames, at 8 fps.    
D.  Motion Curve:
     An object which moves along a random curve or path.
     The object may be created or imported.
     Remember to use Snap to Object to align the object at the beginning and ending points. 
     After you get the motion working, hide the path from view.
     There should be at least 32 frames, at 8 fps.    


CMM 801