Souris Regional High School

Creative Multimedia 801
Mr. MacClure

Imaging: Good Picture Collection 


     Types of Images & File Names
A.  Create a folder named "Good Pics"
      inside the "Imaging" folder of the l: drive
1.  Portrait of 1 person
     Name = Portrait
B.  Set your camera's picture size to 640x480 or 800x600
      so you don't have to resize all your pictures later
2.  Group Portrait (3 or more people)
     Name = Group
C.  Create a portfolio of 10 pics 
      (as listed in the column to the right)
3.  Outdoor Scenic
     Name = Scenic
D.  There should be only 1 picture for each type 4.  Still Life (objects found or arranged)
     Name = Still
E.  Use the 10 Top Rules and Elements of Photography 
      in the online Student Resource for assistance
5.  Image depicting a Pattern
     Name = Pattern
F.  Ask your teacher for suggestions or advice 6.  Image depicting Texture
     Name = Texture
G.  You may crop, brighten, etc. 
     but you may not use Special Effects
7.  Image that tells a Story
     Name = Story
H.  You will need to spend time outside of class 
      taking many of your photographs
8.  Image from an Unusual Angle
     Name = Angle
I.  Use the sign-out sheet 
     if you need to borrow a camera overnight
9.  Action shot
     Name = Action
J.  Due date: four days from today 10.  Image of your own choice
       Name = Favourite


CMM 801