Brittany Ross in Thailand 
April 8, 2003


How is everyone??  I turned the big 18 on the weekend!  We had a huge BBQ and invited all our Canadian and Thai friends!  We have so much food left over, but there was about 10 times as much in the first place.  We were all stuffed!  We're probably going to be eating steak and pork chops for the next month. I got lots of nice presents ... but the really great present ... was chocolate!  Cadbury chocolate!  I've been dying for good chocolate and i got it! It doesn't seem like a big deal, but here it is!  I've had it for breakfast the past two days.  haha.  It's a good thing there isn't much left! 

There is an island that's an hour and a half boat ride away from here that Lindsey and some other kids and I are thinking about going to for a little trip.  The other guys have already been there and they said you get a tour of the island in one day and you see everything.  Then you sleep in a shack in the woods.  I find that a little frightening.  Then again we still have to see what the parents think about all of this! 

Yesterday Lindsey, two of our friends, and i all went to the Samilla pool.  We got there around 3-ish, and we didn't leave until they kicked us out when they closed the pool!  We went to this free bbq afterwards at this little Irish place.  We didn't stick around long enough to get the food!!  About 5 minutes after we got there, this really intoxicated guy came along and the owner asked him politely to leave. (He was there earlier making a big show).  Some people may want to stop reading here!  Anyways, after asking him nicely about 500 times the owner started yelling at him to leave.  Then the owner's wife came out, a small Thai woman.  And the guy hit her.  We couldn't believe it.  Then the owner hit him, but the guy started beating on the wife, so this other man we know (really nice guy, honestly!) came over and broke a chair over the guy's head.  Then when the drunk guy started coming in our direction we got out of there ... QUICKLY!  But i forgot my bag so i had to go back.  Then the owner explained about what happened and apologised.  And now i get a free hamburger. haha.  So that was our big excitement!  We just went out for pizza after that, and i ran into this guy i met at the pool ... who i had told to go to the free bbq!  He said he couldn't find it and i told him he was lucky!  haha.

I think that is all the big excitment in Thailand for now!  Oh, and for my family that's reading ... I got into St. Marys! 

love, brittany



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