Brittany Ross in Thailand 
April 12, 2003

hey srhs!   

How is everyone??  I'm doing pretty good.  I've actually been leaving the house and doing exciting things lately!  A few days ago we all had to go get more passport pictures done and we need to apply for visas.  I'm probably an illegal alien in Thailand now! . haha.     

A few days ago I went to some waterfalls with the guys and their families.  It was really cool because you climbed up the side of a mountain and you'd see one waterfall, then a pool of water where you could swim, and it kept going like that!  The water was nice and cool and we were surrounded by huge trees!  But there were little fish in the water that scared the crap out of me!  Some of the kids found some turtles behind the rocks in the water too.  I really don't like fresh water!!  I was scared of leeches even though there are none. haha.  One of the kids, Ben fell off a big rock into the rocks in the water and did a nice job of banging up his legs!  Everything there was really beautiful though!  

Last night we went to Hat Yai to see one of our friends in a beauty pagent.  To be honest, i think it was an ugly pageant.  My big joke is i could have drawn a face on my butt and won. haha.  The girl we actually went to see was by far the prettiest one there.  The rest of them looked weird.  They had granny hair do's and the shortest dresses ever!  It wasn't a pretty sight. haha.  It was kind of a fun time though!  We walked around and saw some cool things.  It was sort of like a regatta except only two rides!  And the two rides were the same, and what we would consider the crappy rides!   

I think that's about it for now!  Tomorrow there is a huge parade and water festival! Something like Son Cran.  I'm not sure of the name of it.  It's going to be pretty fun, i think!!    

Last thing, I might be teaching French to some kids from Halifax over here.  Not the grammar or anything, i dont think!  But i have the books, and Heather and Amelia's books from Rrollo Bay so it should help me out!  Plus they speak Spanish as a first language, so it shouldn't be too difficult!  I hope!  

love, brittany



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