Brittany Ross in Thailand 
April 13, 2003

hey everyone!   

Today was the Song Kran water festival!  It started around 8 this morning and doesn't stop until tomorrow!  What happens in the water festival is everyone gets buckets of waters and squirt guns and it's a huge day long water fight!!  No one is safe at all.  You can't drive with your car window down or anything!  The only people who dont get hit are monks...and some times people with really small kids.  We went out around 8:30 this morning and we weren't on a tuk tuk for more than 5 minutes before we were soaked!  

There are people who come around and put powder on your face.  Some of it is just baby powder and other people use prickly heat powder.  That stuff burns your skin and you have to wash it off immediately!  Lindsey and Anita both had someone who put it in their eyes!!  It doesn't bother Thai people on their skin, but it kills for us!!  A big group of guys came after Noah and me and i had to squint my eyes closed and cover his face with my hands because they're really rough with kids.  One guy got the powder over my my forhead and almost in my eyes so i took the hose and started spraying my face off and he went for other areas.   We had to spray him away!!  

Song Kran was a really fun time!!  I fell asleep as soon as i got home ... ok, i fell asleep at someone else's house, and then when i got home i slept some more!  

Oh, when we were in the water fight this bus pulled over and let us hold these huge snakes! I don't know what kind they were, but they felt really cool!  And they were really heavy.  I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but i'm not smiling because i'm happy, it's because i'm on the verge of crapping my pants!  

love brittany



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