Brittany Ross in Thailand 
April 24, 2003

hey srhs,

I haven't written the past week because i was too busy attending the 3-day volleyball tournament!!  Only as a spectator!!  Thailand came in first in the men's (i wasn't exactly cheering them on; i much prefered Kazakhstan who came in 2nd and 3rd). Thailand also came in first and second in the women's.  I couldn't get over how amazing they all were!!  (My Kazi team definately deserved first though!)  There was a ref from Hong Kong who really sucked.  He made the worst calls EVER and even if you argued nothing changed, but a few of the guys flipped on him.  This guy from the New Zealand team (that i kinda met at the pool) was a really big psycho at the ref on the first day.  Not that i blame him.  But on the third day he REALLY lost it on the ref and got kicked out of the tournament.  Apparently same thing happened with the same guy last year.  haha.  Shame because i liked him!  Not as much as the Kazi guys though.  I saw them at the pool yesterday too!  I was definately in my glory.  They all looked like one of my mom's friend's sons.  I have to wonder if she was ever in Kazakhstan.  j/k.  I know she reads this so i'm going to put her initials!! (G.R.)  Maybe she'll get back to me on that.   

Other than that, I found out that this guy we play volleyball with on Monday and Wednesday, Tree, started volleyball here in Songkhla.  Maybe in Thailand, i forget.  He's the one who got the whole tournament started!  So that was pretty cool.  We were on the news for the tournament all over Thailand, and people called Tree's cell phone asking him if he was a tour guide for ferlang women!  haha.  We were on a few times, but the last time it was a big deal because we were the foreigners with the Thailand flags and no Thai people had them.  Well, we gave one to this girl (who we presume was from the "darkside" with her dances in the stands).  She danced in the stands all 3 days and yelled stuff at the players.  We all think she was hopped up on something, because during her dances she fell out of the stands.  hahahaha.  You had to be there!!  When we gave her the  flag she ran around trying to get people to do the wave ... but she fell 5 times.  The announcer cracked soooo many jokes about her (we had to get them translated)  but it was really funny.  Just as entertaining as the games ... if not more! haha.   She yelled  at the players that if they won she would kiss them, so i'm wondering if maybe the guys i went for threw the game intentionally?   

Tonight i'm going to the zoo again, but for a night safari.  I think it's going to be pretty fun ... and nowhere near as hot as the last time i went!  Ok, thats all i have ... except maybe the next time i write it will be my adventures in Kazakhstan!   

Ok, i wrote this last week and forgot to send it.  oops. haha.  Nothing big went on anyways.  Went to the night safari, it was AMAZING!  The snakes and the tigers and stuff were up and moving around and it was just insane to see.  We did a little poking around with a bamboo stick so that the cats would play with us. We got splashed...a lot!!    Other than that nothing at all.  On Monday we're taking a little 3 day trip to Malaysia to get our passports and visas sorted out.  That won't take up much time, so we'll be on the beaches and stuff!!  Should be fun!

love brittany




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